The goal of setting up a Form Letter

Imagination and responsibility can be a very powerful way to achieve your goals. I have seen this be particularly successful in the corporate community when a formal goal process is part of the annual performance system.

Imagination from both employee and manager must come up with realistic and challenging goals. And the responsibility is because both you and your manager will be involved in evaluating your progress in the middle of the year.

This article describes how you can use a similar system to your personal goal by using available low-tech content!

In this computerized world, it might be a bit odd to ask for pen and paper. Nevertheless, get good writing, envelope and ballpoint pen before we go further. If the stationery is of different colors, so much better. And make sure the ball pin is good – really if you can get a ink pen, it would be best.

Now you're going to write a letter to a very important person – someone you know very well. Self! The first thing is that the date of the letter. The time elapsed between writing your letter and seeing that your goal is probably unknown, or at least uncertain, at this stage. However, by dating a letter you start the creation process in an explanation and in your mind.

The next part of this form of letter is dealing with it yourself. So, please write "Dear Name" and start your letter with respect and gratitude. The actual contents of the letter will be special and appropriate for you. I'd even recommend the following instructions. ":

– Focus on one specific goal for this letter. (You can write specific characters for each goal.) This is where the colored paper and envelope comes in carefully.)

– Begin the letter with a high level to look at what you think the outcome of the goal might be. Sometimes this is called a perspective.

– Briefly describe how you think the world might be a bit better to reach your goal.

And this basically this! This letter is not the place to start writing certain temporary goals, plans, and plans. It's a further opportunity for you to focus your imagination on thinking about playing but not serious about what that's what you want to accomplish This goal.

The final part of the purpose of the letter is to list it and put it in the envelope. Be vis that you also send the envelope to yourself and keep it in a safe and personal location. If the content is especially confidential, you may also want to seal the envelope.

So where does the account come up? I think it's important to remember that responsibility can be soft and supportive characteristics of your own development. Why not start by simply making a note in a journal or organizer to review this letter for six months from now. This awareness of yourself in a 6-month review can be all that is needed to help you along the way by taking a regular approach towards the goal.


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