The Organized Coach, Part 2 – Stop Psychiatry

In this second installment, "The Organized Coach", the focus is on stopping what you are doing. The method of planning in the past has led you to frustration and helplessness. You might say, "I do not have to organize." Before putting one piece of paper on the shelf, stop everything, right now!

A common definition of psychosis is "doing the same thing again and again, expecting different results". The coach who continues to put basketball on the pile will never undermine this mountain unless he continues now. Stop an insane way to cancel the poor practices of the company you've shown for years. Stop insanity by saying enough is enough. Commit to change your road and buy into an agency system that will save you from frustration not knowing where anything is!

It sounds easy, but the key is to undertake to change. In our world, many people will change their behavior or the results of their behavior. They are tired of living in a way that continues to put them back a little further each day. Are you the one who wants to talk about how do you want things different, or are you the one who does something about it? If you are in the second group, you have come to the right place.

Now that you have agreed to stop your old habits on a "pile construction", let's look where you are. File folders, three laptops and registration cabinets are the most common way to organize content. Most likely, you use one or all of these methods. Because we have to start somewhere we think it starts. At least, you recognize the tools of the transaction when it comes to accessing important materials that are important in your training progress.

Stop psychosis covers the following advice to consider:

1. STOP !!!

2. Change your attitude about the value of planning.

3. Accept the fact that your old methods do not work.

4. Answer the question: "How would be organized make you a better and efficient coach?"

5. Be open to a simple, proven system of organization.

6. Be ready to "swap and conquer" the mass of substances you have collected in your training process, one step at a time.

In the third part of the series I will explore organizational tools that can be used in our quest for freedom.


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