The power to use confirmation

Confirmations are really so powerful. It's all about energy and where you put your intention.

Think about your word pays. Every word is shaking and, as we all know, spiritual laws of attraction are now working as you read this to bring you whatever you're putting out and # 39; So maybe it's time to record a file. What have you thought today and recently? Time to make a positive change?

"Confirmation opens the door. It is the starting point on the way to change."

~ Queen's Quote Louise L. Hay

So, What Are Confirmations?

Confirmations are basically positive words, phrases or phrases that you can say aloud or in your mind. They are based on the promise of "like meeting like," so your thoughts attract you whatever you are thinking. As described above, create your own reality with the power of your thoughts !!

Almost every day we think about 60,000 thoughts a day !!! It's just insane is not it (and that's why I'll encourage people to think about it soon)! Curiously, some professionals are actually trained to think of negative thoughts to such an extent that they temporarily retreat from the thoughts they think of the day and be careful to carry and extend that positive thought for longer to give it more energy and credibility to your own benefit!

"It's a repetition of confirmation that leads to faith. ~ Claude M. Bristol

If you have thought negative about yourself, others or your elements, do not be surprised

"We can not always control our thoughts, but we can control the words and the repetition impresses with the subconscious, and we are able to draw a deeper sense of consciousness. We are such a champion. "

~ Florence Scovel Shinn

Do you always think of something according to:" I never have enough money, "or:" Everyone treats me like dirt. "Well guess what, you'll continue to have money and attract people who abuse, neglect or neglect you. It's when you start * really * consider your words that you want to become better aware of how you feel and how thoughts Yours affect the new elements of your life.

"Deformation is like seed planted in soil. Poor soil, poor growth. Rich soil, high growth. The more you choose thoughts that make you feel good, the faster the evidence works. " ~ Louise L. Hay

Verifications are even more effective when repeated. The recurrence allows messages to enter Your subconscious and, as energy comes with thought, you must attract positive experiences that you are confirming. So you have nothing to lose! Take the time to sign your thoughts.

"Only one signifies the subconscious concept: repeat application – practice. What you practice is what you appear. " ~ Grace Speare

Check out the other ezine article titled" Take the Confirmation Challenge to Improve Your Life "that will help you change your thoughts and hence leading your life. By putting affirmations into practice in your daily routine and being aware and aware of how you think and what you say, plant the seed that allows transformation to begin.


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