Top EFT Tapping Tips and Confirmations

Ever since I discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques and experienced how life can change, I've had the passion for sharing them with others. I decided to learn from the best of the most effective way to succeed.

I have spent more than a year studying EFT; investigate, listen to voice phones, radio programs and read articles. I watched everything and I took a lot of notes.

Now I share all the most valuable EFT-tap tips I've found for people who want to make the most of using Emotional Freedom Techniques. Here are some:

Learn These Ideas Before You Lose:

1. Drink a full glass of water before clicking on the stimulation and preparation of the body of the electrical system

2. You can lose either side of the body with either or even both hands, or try changing

3. Do not tap too hard. Use the same amount of pressure you would do as if you were drumming your fingers on a tape.

4. Take a slow deep breath when you have finished the cycle to help energy through your body

5. Storage during a plug is a signal that you release energy, then release it and continue

6. When you drop in with a group of others (either live or recording) you will experience "borrowers" whether or not you are "primary brave". So always take along.

7. The key to entering is to "fix" and always ask yourself "How does this make me feel?" and that will be your guide.

It's common for people to get anxious about not knowing what to say when they lose weight. The good news is – it's not wrong to do EFT, you can not make mistakes or hurt you.

If you have questions about knowing what to say, choose from these powerful EFT confirmations to help you continue. These examples were deduced from actual EFT courses provided by some of the best EFT experts in this field.

Here is a list of the most powerful EFT verification attempts that you can use while entering:

You can say it like: I'll, I'd rather, I'll decide I hug, I love feeling, lets me, I'm grateful, what if I could, I wonder if I & # 39; M consider, and would not it be fun if.

And you can mix and match these positive affirmations with one of these many useful phrases

I Love and Accept Yet
I Forgive Me A Feeling
I Know I Made The Best As I
I accept things as they are
I'm OK Where I'm Now
I'm Safe
I'm In Peace
I'm Powerful
I'm Inspired

I'm Inspired ] I Release
I Released the Penalty
I Released The Shame
I Released Frustration

I Release Fear

Some people feel bored repeating the typical "I'm deep and perfect love and accept myself" confirmation. This mix of EFT sentences can help stimulate more accurate reactions and better cleaning. Play around them and add your own words.

As always, to get the best results with EFT, take your feelings and intuition and let them lead you. Of course if you still have trouble clearing your restrictive opinions on your own, then visit the EFT expert because this technology works for everyone and you may need only some additional instructions.


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