Training Certification: The Low Down

During a conference call, mastermindar group of 30 professional business consultants and consultants, all of whom were coaches for over 5 years, turned the debate on "training certification" for coaches. What's worth mentioning is that this championship group was unusual since everyone had exceeded the industry average and made more than $ 20,000, more than 10 paying customers and 1/3 made more than $ 100,000. (Source: Stephen Fairley, Author Getting Started in Personal and Executive Training ) And the actual kicker was not one of the callers, ever asked for a training course at their clients. If your ID credentials came up, was always with another certified coach . Interestingly, nobody in this group was a "certified coach".

With the continued growth of this billion dollars as well as industry it seems that new individuals have decided to offer opportunities for those who want to become a coach and by offering a certification process. NOTE: In a recent quick Google search on the Internet, 215 training schools were found (Source:

Good for them! You are more reliable and can deliver Of course, if that were true, why are most coaches (53%) doing less than $ 20,000 a year?

Perhaps the answer is the lack of a proven process, not to mention a few poor Small Business . Certification programs can provide technology and tools, but have proven history that shows stable, reliable results for their customers? I doubt that the majority of training schools are relatively new and even established a traditional university that offers executive training plans are new in this field.

If you are thinking of becoming a manager of a coach, do your research. Before you spend thousands of dollars jon program training question, ask the following questions:

  1. Make over 60% of your certified coach more than $ 50,000? (Note: For this mastermind group, this is anywhere from 10 to 15 minimum requirements per year.)
  2. What kind of success do their customers receive? (Note: The method of this mastermind group usually doubles the results for 30 to 90 days.)
  3. Can the same method be used in various industries? (Note: This mastermind group has trained individuals, including US Senator, Fortune 500 executives, high school and university students, owners of small businesses and housewives.
  4. Do proven, high-quality tools support the process?
  5. Are you a testimonial available from
  6. How long has a training school or business been in business? (Note: This mastermind group uses a 25-year-proven history.)

Executive Training is a rewarding career. You do not pay others before you understand the activity within the explosive. You can just pay for something that's not necessary and put up your hard money in some other pocket.


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