Training, mentoring and spirituality

Sometimes in teaching and training comes the question of spiritual understanding to customers; It's not necessarily the case for them, but the conversation bounces in that direction, and you're confronted with the awkward moment to decide whether to explore it or go peacefully. I think it's important not to discount it for simple reasons that our life is romantic in nature – and later it's not like it – spiritual or god-could be churned even if we want it to be.

Many, of course, have a totally wrong and / or stereotype of spirituality and what "God" means; This is normal because many religions themselves form these limited images – idolatry – of their faith. As Tao Te Ching puts it: "Tao [the Way, the God] that you can talk about is not eternal Tao." In short, we must take care not to take the words, the symbols and the symbols literally as well. An example of creating idols in the West is to imagine God as any grandmother or father of Christmas in the sky that people will somehow be content with God but God, if we could speak of God in human language, is both transcendent and immanent and can not be move in such a way.

Therefore, Plato, probably the greatest philosophers of the West, said there were two clear proofs of God and # 39. Being: The first was the existence of a human soul attempted to be the reality of God. The soul, Self, is actually God, because God's image is in itself and necessarily God because God can not be diluted. Or put another way, God is holographic – the smallest fraction is still fully divine. And we know it when we consider our self.

The second proof was the design of the world or the universe, and those who did not see their amazement were evil and dumb. We must go to unusual lengths to deny the design and to look into the astonishment – this universe for all of Dawkins's & # 39; non-science and stepping outside the sphere of his own power, never happened by accident. And that is part of the opening of the gospel of John: At first, the word, the logo, the meaning – and all is given to it; and on some deep levels, those who try to deny these condemn themselves – their own deep self is challenged by their own minds.

There is a deep mystery in life and no one can deny this; but people who absolutely assert that there is no god, no spiritual, against consistent and persistent testimonies, and evidence of the great majesty of mankind, do not make sense – they engage in the act of faith more illogical than what they condemn and spit.

What do you do as a coach and mentor to return to the question when this black suit raises its head? First, you listen very well. This listening is not just an active listening and set of talents – like a leaning forward; it's an act to be. Like Ptahhotep, about five thousand years ago, said: "Listening is better than anything, it is born perfect love." And he also added: "God loves him who listens. He hates those who do not listen." Listening is almost synonymous with love; Therefore the child turns to the mother, for she will listen. and why are so many affiliates broken down because one or both stops listening to others. When we pray, talk to God and emphasize our mind and soul; When we consider we listen … and in silence the possibilities will be in shape.

Secondly, do you try to establish the direction in progress, what kind of god or spiritual experience do they have in mind or refer to and why are they encouraged to raise this issue? Seriously, people are brought in this way because some are imperfect in their lives.

Third, they could, with a patient question, want to show what this is and why it is important. Curiously, these discussions lead to the heart of another person, and in them is humility the essence – both for the client who may know for the first time that you can be anything you want to be & # 39; is a semi-truth, and for a coach because in that role, so close to someone, the premise is always at risk.

Fourthly, you reflect your own answers with feelings that can make them see, as it were, the real impact of their position and what they say. Thus, you begin to lead them through a process where they can see their own better and start to see opportunities and possibilities ahead. This is very liberating; Needless to say, you do not fight your head with your faith or belief. You activate your own self-discovery, because discovering yourself is a means of true spirituality – and a way to be free of ignorance.


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