Training of burner burner

Have you ever had one of these moments that looks like everything is unchanged for a moment and slower moves are next. At those moments it seems to be either a rushing sound in your ears or maybe a call. Color disappears to black and white and you can almost feel distant from the events that occur around you.

Sometimes you can experience this when you face bad news, insomnia or excessive fatigue.

It is an expression we use all that apply to this disease. This expression is, "Do not burn candles at both ends."

The words mean we should find a balance in our lives because if we do not we will either try to work too much or enjoy life too much without assuming sufficient responsibility.

In business, this phenomenon can be noted when we do not take the time to experience life apart from business.

This scenario goes something like that ….

Violation of activity takes place in the business plan.

This activity is followed by another start of activity in product manufacturing and web design.

This is followed by working on search engine optimization (SEO) methods and online marketing.

This is followed by an extensive network to develop quality connectivity and the ability of backlinks to improve website performance.

This is followed by __________ (fill in blank).

Who is followed by __________ (fill in blank).

The original idea of ​​burning candles at both ends dates back to the 18th century candle making. If you were burning candles at both ends, it would mean that a candle would be placed in a horizontal position, where a well burned at both ends. This type of candle could provide improved light, but the grown would drip and the wick would burn quickly and make the whole candle worthless in a very short period of time but to trash the trash.

This is the image of a person who does not know or takes time to reload and update. Inch by inch their candles are consumed and they suffer from burns, chronic fatigue or worse.

It is possible to delete the spread of functionality that exceeds your typical ability, but prolonged push to performance can turn the person off and without passion for what they want to do the most.

There is another saying: "All work and no play make Jack a bad boy."

We are all designed with the need for renewal and relaxation. Find a way to make it happen in the company's business and expect to see better long-term output in productivity and energy.


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