Training Personality

Interested in knowing your personal training? Imagine this.

It's a new season to come. You have got all your tests organized. You have even chosen your players. Some have players with high technical skills. Some are great players. Some are great fast. But you have not chosen players by their personality.

Time for the First Exercise of the Year

But wait! Before you start the season you have one last task. You need to know who you are. What is the real reason to train your children?

There are three main types of personality of training. Take the time to figure out who you are.

The Command Coach

This person is always right in his decisions and never exchanges his opinion with his players. He would rather criticize but encourage his players. A hard guy?

This trainer prioritises priority and it is often unsuccessful to be trained by this personality. In many cases, he is so appointed that he is not a great booster of this team.

Indeed, this coach – always in control – tries to scare players. This often causes unrealistic relationships.

The Submissive Coach

This is the opposite manager. He is a coach for child-sitting players.

He does not spend much time preparing for his practice and he pays to complain about his player behavior and lack of management. The only reason he has approved a training position is because the money (ok – bad joke) or his children is part of the team.

Here are the problems with this training personality.

1. No quality in the information given.

2. Many players will drop away due to lack of motivation to continue playing.

3. There is too much lack of discipline.


Focusing on sports is the only way to succeed by creating unity among players. Since all players believe they are moving in progress. The cooperative will be a leader in this achievement.

If it is important to do that, it is in consultation with the team. The coach will explain the general planning of the season. He will share goals and monitor the assessment.

Communication will include the entire team and also be very enforced. So strong is this communication that the team will know the rules before the season begins even and are willing to follow these rules. The cooperative will try to assist players in personal problems as well. He will truly invest in youth as he is a coach. They take responsibility for sports personal development.


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