Training – Re-Focus, Re-Commit & Re-Energize

Time goes so fast – wow time stands for no one. Now it's time!

Here's the key – if you take a traffic signal – just retry and get back on track. You know what you want – you felt it on the first day. If you take a hangover – just come back on track. I know this is part of repetition – it's just the truth and you're the head of being on track. I believe we have more control over our lives, but sometimes we believe we have. What do you think of this statement I've created?

I know there are times when some things, at some point, seem completely out of control and we need to get back on track …

When you know you need to repeat it, it's & # 39; it's worth going back to why setting your goals first – what was your expectation and expected to achieve – what's up for you to get what you put on and how you feel and think if you do not get what you want? Join these emotions now and really come across why you want to achieve what you've committed to achieving.

Reuse – Even if you're a district, think about what it's like to make it feel again and again – go to the gym in a workout, read a great book, find the sun on your skills (with the necessary levels of sunblocks !) …. Do what it takes to recharge your batteries and return to the table.


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