Truth and Lies of Confirmation

Hello and welcome. I would like to take a very short moment to thank the reader for taking the time to read this article. My motivation for writing this is because I want to reveal the truth and lie about confirmation. Let me just clarify that I am in no way, shape or form accusation of any experts to elaborately lie for confirmation. What I simply mean is that daily confirmation does not work completely for each individual and there are many reasons for that.

Personally, I have literally read hundreds of books on psychology and self-development. Most people talk about positive thinking and positive confirmation. Now I have noticed that this type of content is simply not as effective as they make it seem. The truth is that yes, confirmation has their place – but they are not the key to creating a living with design as many thousands of people believe. Here's why.

When we are born, we tend to imitate and imitate our parents. As we fire, we begin to imitate our friends, leaders, teachers, religious leaders, etc. And we accept their faith or belief system. We go through our lives to do things like finding jobs, relationships and lifestyle that have been pre-programmed by those we like. Our culture will create a preventive life for us according to their beliefs and customs.

When we grow up and decide we want a better life, we seek information on how to improve the situation. We receive books and courses on positive confirmation in the hope that it will reorganize our brains to work and think differently. The truth is that all we are doing with confirmation is that we basically spread the icing on a burned cake!

We must go deeper and fully free of attitude attitudes and limiting beliefs before confirmation can be effective.

Again I'm not receiving positive confirmations. My goal is to help people realize that in order to change your life, you must go deeper and clear your mind about all restrictive attitudes so that you can experience the life you are interested in experiencing.

What I recommend you do is start creating a list of things you do not want in your life. Yes, I said to make a list of things you do not want. The reason for this is that people have a much harder time thinking about what they want but find it very easy to think of what they do not want.

When you have a list of things you do not want, start making a list of what you do. Then think about what you want and start actually finding what it feels like to have what you want. What you are doing here is that you get the right vibration that will attract what you want in your life. This is much more powerful than confirmation.

If you conduct this practice by evaluating your final goal, you will discover that your life will change faster than you think possible. Confirmations create a battle in your mind. But the visual and emotion of your wishes will lead the universe to come with what you want.

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