Verifications – a change that will improve your performance

Positive confirmation is now being used by many to try and improve their lives, and indeed they can be very effective. However, it is possible to improve their efficiency. Verifications are short sentences that are repeated and repeated to you. They work because they repeatedly lead to a unconscious mind and become a "habit". If this sounds strange to you, then there's really nothing new in your life. It has been running almost since you were born. The only problem is that through your life are most thoughts that have been given in an unconscious mind negative. In particular, it was happening when you were young and it is the thing that is primarily responsible for your personality and prospects of life – in short, whether you are optimistic or pessimistic.

The biggest problem for the people is that many of their "usually associated" confirmations contain phrases like "Can not Do," Impossible, "Beyond Me" and so on. In other words, they are negative. Positive confirmation is an attempt to "repair" the damage that has been made.

Let's briefly review the usual positive approval approach. The idea is to choose a short sentence and say it to yourself until it reaches an unconscious mind. Of course, you need some things with this if you want it to work. They are:

1. You must firmly believe your confirmation.

2. The confirmation must be in modern times, and should start (in most cases) with "I am". There should be no future excitement (for example, one day I want to be rich).

3. There must be positive confirmation, such as "I'm happy" and not negative like "I want to get rid of the dissatisfaction I have."

4. It should be short and clear. In particular, it should be easy to remember and say to yourself.

5. You should repeat it many times a day and start first this morning. It is also important to repeat it just before going to bed at night. The goal is to drive it unconsciously.

6. You have to be patient. It will take time to work. Remember that your current prospects would not develop in a few weeks; It took many years.

7. You must be convinced that your confirmation work. If you have any hassles, they will not work. And in fact, they do not work for some people, usually because they do not have enough faith in them.

Let's now turn to one of the most popular confirmations, "I'm happy." Everyone wants to be happy (and many are not), so it's easy to understand why this was so popular. We will start an experiment. Start by saying "I'm happy" to yourself again and again throughout the day and keep these 7 steps in mind. Do it in approximately two weeks, then lean back and get access to the results. Are you happier? If you've done it right then you should be somewhat happier, but you can not be happy with the results. Something may seem to be missing.

What are you satisfied with? Why should you be happy? These are questions that should be addressed in your confirmation, even if you believe in believing.

Variation that concerns this is as follows. (And I believe that it will increase your happiness faster than the previous procedure, though you will still need to apply for items in the list of seven.) However, we assume that we emphasize confirmation "I'm pleased." [19659002] Procedure:

  1. Write down a list of all things that are positive in your life. Things like this: your health, your shape, your financial situation, your family, your home, your friends and so on. Ignore all that is negative; Keep them from your list. Do not worry if your life is not very positive; everyone has some positive things that they are proud of.
  2. Read through your list and think about each part of it and, as you do, make a confirmation such as "I'm lucky." "I'm the luck I know of what I have." Later you can use "I'm happy because I have." There may be many negative things in your life, but try your best to ignore them. The most important thing is to make sure you believe your confirmation.
  3. At the same time begin to see all that is positive in your life. Visualization is important because the brain can not distinguish between clear vision and real things.
  4. Expand on visualization. Add in detail, look as happy. Happy birthday; At the same time, confirmations continue.
  5. Make the impression that this generates flow through your body. Nourish it. Let your interest grow along with your optimism. Remember: Positive self-assessment + positive feeling + interest and high optimism = performance.
  6. Particularly important on visual perspectives, the fortress and feel as your goal has already been achieved. It's not something you want in the future; You've already achieved it.
  7. Finally, if you are looking for something special in the total (in this case, "happiness"), gradually add it.

After a couple of weeks, lean back and analyze the results. Compare them with the simple confirmation "I'm happy". I'm sure you'll find yourself happier this time, even if you never mentioned the word "happy" in your confirmation. This change works better because the questions I suggested are directed and simple confirmation is added visually.

This method can be used with some confirmations. Other common confirmations are: "I'm self-assured." "I'm quiet and relaxed at all times." "I can achieve all that I meditate on."

The third seems to be in the future, but it can be thought of as present, as there is something you want to do now. Let's look at it.

Again, start listing all the positive things you've achieved over the years and what you're good at. Look over the list. Gloat a little; feel good about it, make your confirmation and use it. then start visualizing yourself to reach them and gradually add to your new goal, treat it as it has already been completed.


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