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Stop what you're doing right now and with all your energy and energy: "I'm finally sick and I die in the next three months!" Ok, why are you hesitant? They're just words …

Despite your opinion of positive thinking, I'm sure something inside has prevented you from confirming such a negative statement … what would it be true?

What is confirmation? There is a statement or statement about oneself or current situation, as it is happening or has already happened. Many of us have heard of positive affirmations and even used them daily These are just positive statements. Any self-help or self-help program or expert out there will somehow talk about positive affirmations and contribute to them as the basis for creating success in your life in some way or another h tt.

Examples of positive affirmations include:

I am financially free.

I'm happy, satisfactory relationship.

My weight is easy and healthy.

Experts will teach you to repeat these statements with strong positive feelings many times a day, while believing they are already true and then stunning they will become true. The reason is that the confirmation work. Well, in theory.

The problem is that it's almost impossible to confirm and believe anything about ourselves or others we do not believe when to be true. And here lies the main problem with confirmation – our belief system. Our attitude determines our thoughts and our daily self-esteem. The stronger the faith, the stronger the thoughts. Just spend time listening to suicide or comments that you owe about yourself or the world around you – These are actually your true personal personal confirmation. They are a reflection of their own belief system.

So if you were too heavy for example, your daily proof of this & # 39; fact & # 39; is through the number displayed on the scale or how your clothes fit or even what someone would have told you about your weight would then make your opinions about yourself – i am fat!

Now you decide you want to do something about this. You have heard of positive confirmation and how powerful they are and create the perfect for your circumstances – & # 39; I'm comfortable and well __. & # 39; You undertake to say this statement 100 times a day until it becomes your reality. The first days are good, positive and full of energy. Then you suddenly quit the wall and feel even worse than you did before you started! You look in the mirror and feel absolutely unbearable – nothing has changed, in fact it has even gotten worse!

Why did this happen? The first few days had a positive statement of positive energy or vibration about it and just saying these words create a positive resonance within you. But when the time runs out, your beliefs begin to turn off positive confirmation and combat this fake & # 39; fact. This might be in the form of unconscious or subconscious confirmation or self-study that truly corresponds to your original belief systems, such as:

No I'm not – I'm fat and ugly

It & # 39;

I do not have a self-esteem

I've tried so often before and failed, why should this be different?

My Dresses Never Fit Me Anyway

And I'm sure much more … And these will be true confirmations or clues that follow and fight a positive one. That's how all your good intentions are freaking out and true your faith is doing the battle.

What is the answer to this problem? Obviously, discovering your unique confidentiality, deleting and replacing them since. Simple! There are many methods out there that can do this, although I recommend as with my experience it's the most powerful yet subtle technology out there to release and reprogram negative restrictive attitude.

When your attitude has been changed to more support materials, your internal discussions (your personal confirmations) will naturally be aligned with your goal. At this point, you can then receive confirmation and repeat them daily to maintain your focus, commitment, and motivation to reach your goal with the knowledge that it is completely in harmony with the new belief system. You will then go easier towards your dreams with much more success and happiness.

Try this technology next week to find out if you have any negative and unacceptable views that stop you from succeeding in your goals:

1. Find the area of ​​your life that you want to change, or goals that you want to achieve – be specific

2. Make a positive confirmation of this goal, set in the present, as you already have

3. Repeat this confirmation up to 20 times a day in the next 7 days and keep track of your feelings, what thoughts and, of course, your head and what happens in your life around you.

4. If you move quickly towards your goal, with ease and positive, there is a likelihood that you never have a negative attitude towards this issue or that they are not very powerful. If you click on & # 39; the wall & # 39; and end up feeling worse and more offensive or your inner voice shouts negative & reality & # 39; statements that are absolutely without support for your goal – these are your negative barriers.

5. Check them and work through and drop them, either on your own or with a trained coach or specialist.

6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 until you start moving toward your goal

Good luck and I look forward to your success.

Lior Losinsky


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