Verifications – do they work?

How often have you read an article or book or listened to someone's presentation that ends with confirmation and then originally launched in the process only to put it back as or just lose interest? What went wrong? Many of us stopped because the results did not arrive as soon as we were promised. On the way we start to feel like we are involved in an independent deception process. Has this always been true for you? This applies not only to confirmation but also to other efforts we have made with a high initial interest only to see later let us go away and move on to the next. Do they work? Yes, they can. Here's how.

The brain contains a nervous system that is the storage and transmission system for our thoughts. When new thoughts are introduced, new neuronal neurons are created to represent new information. Our body changes physically because of this new thought. Later we can retrieve this network again when we are in a situation or thinking process that relates to the original pattern in some way. The more often a certain nerve pattern approaches the more it is strengthened and less likely to change it. It is also harder to establish a new nervous pattern when it is in opposition to the current strong and well-used network. Trying to introduce a new pattern that is in conflict with another current pattern is called intellectual dissonance in psychology.

Suppose we want to introduce new thinking patterns in our Nervous System. We have attended the course or read the new book and now we are new and ready to try again. Suppose the sample we want to show is "I'm writing a book". You have never written a book but you have always wanted. Given that we have always wanted but have not yet written a book, it is probably safe to assume that there is a pattern that says: "I can not write a book because …" Otherwise why not just write the darn? Ironically for all this time the more we think about writing a book the more we also strengthened our view of ourselves. Do not write a book. This physical nervous pattern will be constantly strengthened, making it harder to override with a new pattern that is in opposition.

This time we will use verification. We get a confirmation that goes like this: "I'm writing an independent book about 30,000 words". As we learned at the forum, we begin to repeat our confirmation. We repeat it many times the first day. We are enthusiastic and can almost understand the words. The next day, we continue to repeat your confirmation. We see that nothing has changed, we do nothing else, we do not have a miracle written book in the last 24 hours or even settled down to write one sentence for that topic. Not a problem, we keep it up for a few days, despite how often we will say that the confirmation is now on the decline. I stopped, I feel like I'm deceiving myself, what was I thinking? After one week, we stopped and are now defeated, once again, our interest in us now and that we will not easily lead down the path of unruly and self-reliant.

I'm sure you can reduce what happened. The old pattern was in place and discussed our thinking and there for our actions before a new pattern could be established. Up here, what was our experience? We have a little understanding of methods down to the thought of the factory, but what was an external manifestation of this? First; level of interest for long-term solution; second; We entered the solution, in this case repetition confirmation, the third; The doubt began to creep into our process, the fourth; doubt took over and textured. Can you see these points as they may have occurred in a real and similar position in the past? Desire – perceived solution – attraction action – distress – stop. It happens almost all in many different situations.

Let's try again only this time as we are grateful for what's really happening. If we are setting up a new pattern, we must strengthen it repeatedly until it is stronger than the one in which it is in opposition. When the brain finds that it has a new running pattern that is running, it will postpone this pattern in the future and less to the old one. So I think perseverance is becoming the policy. We must know this consciously in order to combat the feelings of self-deception that we will inevitably experience in the midst of the confirmation process. So here we are going, let's begin to repeat the confirmation and remember what the real process is under the hood and what we are trying to achieve is a real physical recycling of our thought network.

Day 1, no problem, same level of enthusiasm as before. Everything is good.

Day 2, it's starting to feel a little odd, it repeats the same sentence over and over again. But I'm not going to stop because I know it's basically the same as practicing a musical instrument.

Day 3, remembering what it's about to help me keep moving. I'm still remembering to repeat my confirmation and my interest has not really rejected all that much.

Day 4, It's a bit boring and I find it a little harder to remember my confirmation. I have to think a bit more difficult, it's not as automatic as it was in days 1 and 2.

Days 5 and 6, same as Day 4, are only getting harder to remember. I really sleep, trying to remember it and repeat it again and again because I'm afraid I will not remember it. Now the method is almost painful. I have to try hard to remember saying it and when I do it's like i have to remember that word for words, it does not hang out as it did before and was easily recalled and recited. I push despite the fact that the frequency is decreasing. By day 8 I have started to get a strange feeling of new possibilities. It feels different, not like ordinary me. I feel as if I keep this up, I will truly transform myself into another person in some way. I'm a little scared of the idea, where am I going? I've always been this way, I'm not sure now. It's almost clear that I've watched my internal tectonic plates. But I push and trust that work is under way that should lead to permanent positive changes. who was all the team to start with, right? Now I begin to see myself responding to my environment a bit differently. Before I was able to sit down to write, it almost looks like I find reason to write. I see myself more in action, albeit doing little things, and very close to my goal.

At this stage, some people will stop, though, that they can see the process of working. The idea of ​​leaving a part of yourself and introducing a new way of finding, thinking and working has a little surreal feeling. This is the place where if you go through you, you can almost make sure that there will be some changes that are consistent with your confirmation. So continue and keep going, continue to say confirmation. Just because we see some real changes and signs that this is possible, we can not be deceived to think that the pattern is strong enough to survive it without being aware. What do they say, it takes 21 days to form a new habit? Perhaps this why.

We have grown, it has been about 20 days since we started our confirmation tour and believe it feels like it was a journey. I've had to sink myself into action, remembering all the time I'm in endurance with my own mind. I can now see how I said no to so many small things that could have bought me near what I wanted. I see now that every time I thought about writing a deep sense of frustration would creep in and I would avoid another disturbance or apology. If you investigate intellectual dissonance you will find that frustration is common when two opposing ideas are kept in mind at the same time. I now see the little things I could have done to create support tools around practicing writing would not happen. I was subconsciously saying "I can not write, why to disturb". Now there are so many little confessions to add up and lead to a fairly big new pattern of behavior. To sit down to write is not a chore, the old pattern does not prevail anymore, there is no cognitive dissonance anything around writing. I also see that one more chance is to introduce myself to me in accordance with my goal. Why is this? Is it the law of attraction? We can save this debate for another time.

We can decide what we want to be and then, as we were outside, the effect of the change process. And amazingly, we are still there to experience the results as a variety of new feelings, thinking patterns and activities. Verifications will work if we notice that it is running. This is a cure for feelings of doubt and the one who usually gets me; The feeling that I'm deceiving me. Now I realize that what I'm really doing is "constructive self-awareness". As I mentioned before, this process goes a long way. If you think of what we think, find and do every day, we have the same impact on our system as the confirmation does. Being in the same places, listening to the same people and reading the same types of literature, creates or creates either the existing nervous pattern in the brain. A confirmation is just a laser-focused effect on our minds instead of the combined random and repetitive effects we encounter every day.

The more we realize that we can use our purpose and our values ​​to establish a real and lasting change in our behavior the more we come to self-control. Which gives us a basic idea that many people have very hard to accept; We are responsible for and responsible for what we think. Take a calm moment and consider this. Every time your mind turns thinking, "What should I think rather than this?" Sounds too much like work is not it? I will really survive the rest of my life that governs my thoughts? Consider this, the more investment you make in building a positive logbook, the less work it takes in the future and the more emotions you get as a dividend in the future. And in the near future I think maybe maybe 20 days.

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