Verifications – What happens when confirmation does not work?

Positive confirmation is a great tool for self-esteem. Unfortunately, we may sometimes lose confidence when we do not see the results we want. This can again create a negative effect. So what happens when positive confirmation does not work? Instead of giving up, you should realize that you are not using the verification in the most favorable way and make use of some new positive approval. Here are some I've found to work.

In order to find out why confirmation does not work at all, you first need to find out what makes confirmation to work in the first place. So how does affirmations and what is their purpose? The purpose of confirmation is to retrain and reprogram your subconscious mind to have the special faith you want. Your external experience is a view of your views or, especially, your unconscious beliefs. If you want to improve yourself somewhere in your life then you need to believe that you can. The way to change your views is to continually confirm yourself what you want to believe in yourself. Your consciousness will initially try to entertain these confirmations. You must be aware of this. If you want to lose weight and you constantly confirm yourself that you are small then your consciousness will always jump in and say, "but you are not slim". Here's the key, when you use confirmation, repeat them again and again to the extent that it's almost boring. This will allow the subconscious mind to record the message while your consciousness begins to focus on the repetition of the exercise. Repeat confirmation for at least 3-5 minutes otherwise your consciousness will filter out the important message you are coming to your subconscious mind.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to be specific. When using verification, be sure to specify what you want. If you are too vague, your subconscious mind can come up with ideas on your own and these ideas may not serve your specific purpose. If you want to lose weight, confirm yourself in great shape and healthy weight … (insert number here). Be sure to use the key words, "I am". This is very important as it opens direct dialogue with the subconscious and speaks directly to your faith.

One way to block conscious thinking with confirmation is to have a policy for your goal. Positive thinking will not get you anywhere. You must combine positive thinking with a realistic strategy. Where do you get this policy? Well, your subconscious can help you with that. It called inspired thought or idea. We get them all the time but we do not always. If you use your confirmation and your conscious mind begins to come down, remind you that you have a policy in place. This should serve to calm this annoying voice of your conscious mind.


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