What does it mean to be a teacher?

The dictionary defines the mentor as a "wise and trusted advisor or teacher". It works for the definition of textbook, but what does the guideline actually look like?

The most important quality in the mentor is self-confidence. Applying the needs of others for themselves is a sign of true mentor.

The supervisor is a good listener, but listening is not idle. A good listener is the one who can give full attention, absorb what is said and give instructions. This does not always mean the answers. Often it is best to approach the man in the right direction and let them learn a lesson on their own. People learn better this way. Think back when you were at school. When you asked your teacher about a question, did you give the answer or refer to the chapter in your textbook?

Best mentors are professional "tips". They know where to find the answers and will point you in the right direction.

For example, check the relationship between parent and child. Parents usually put their own needs behind their children. We ensure that our children get a good night, even if we need to spend a few hours chores and let go of ourselves. Make sure the child's age / season exclusive clothing is a priority over the parent to get a new outfit for work. These examples show true selflessness. All good mentors will do the same for those he is guiding.

This is a true slave of the heart. If this is not your character, do not fear it's learned behavior. Therefore, you need a mentor yourself to be a good guide. Your personal guide will help you in this area. After all, they probably needed to study this lesson too.

When you have a good mentor yourself, the most important knowledge you need, how to connect with each 4 personality. If you know how to read people and connect with them, the rest is simple.

Many volumes have been written on 4 personality types, but one stands out as the easiest to detect. It classifies each type of color and puts it into terms that anyone can easily track. The Latin names for each is hard to remember, but when you are equal in color, everything becomes clear.


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