What is a training contract?

Training Agreement sets out basic rules and practical measures for training agreements with your clients. This agrees between the trainer and the customer and describes the responsibility of both partners. It is useful to establish professional, ethical and commercial relations and parts of the agreement that may be part of a legal agreement, if applicable. However, the signing of a written agreement is no guarantee that the customer will participate in matters of liability, responsibility and responsibility.

Training agreements are actually used as tools for opening the conversation about expectations, perception and commitment, and practical measures. So, consider talking through the agreement so that your client is pursuing the issues and thoughts about some "what if". This also gives an opportunity to talk about confidentiality, ethics and responsible care. If you are paid by an organization to work with an employee, it is good to be clear about these issues if there is a conflict between the responsibility of the client and the company. And when the coach develops, if any worries about health, safety or legality occur, the client knows what to expect from you.

You can also take some time to look at what you and your client will come with in the training and what to do if you are not happy with the way things are going. You can also encourage the client to tell you what works and what is not for them and discuss goals and what is important to you both as individuals. For something more powerful, you could ask the customer to add your own paragraph in your written agreement that describes what they want from the training and commit to doing.

This gives strong support to the training, a clear foundation for working together and encouraging honesty. It also explains whether customers pay for missed meetings and how to deal with meetings restructuring and give you and your customers a professional framework to develop a respectful and effective training relationship.


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