What is confirmation?

Dictionaries of descriptions are:

of-fir-ma-tion [af-er-mey-shun]

1. The act or example of confirmation; condition of confirmation.

2. The conclusion that something exists or is true.

3. something that is a certified statement or proposition declared to be true.

4. acceptance or validation of the truth or the value of previous jurisdiction, decision, etc.

Thinking repeatedly and systematically plunging into the subconscious concept and becoming normal. Confirmations as they are called are used by many children and adults to create lasting changes in their lives. Finding the correct confirmation to use is much better if it is in your own words and thinking. It is important that your confirmations are written in your own words as the subconscious mind will respond better to your own thoughts than the thoughts of someone else. It's easy to understand that you probably would not trust anyone more than you trust yourself. Begin by noticing what you want to change in yourself. Write down on your paper thoughts, desires and feelings you might want to improve.

How to Use Verification

When you say your confirmation, you need to use words and phrases for confirmation in a positive way rather than negative. For example, if you want to quit smoking you would not want a confirmation like "Smoking on a cigarettes make me sick" because you will, in turn, cause illness. It's better to phrase confirmations like "I'm not a smoker" or "I'm healthy and do not like the smell and flavor of cigarettes" and teaches your subconscious mind to see others. When your subconscious mind looks different to you, you will be different. What the subconscious believes, becomes a conscious mind.

It's important to choose your words wisely. You do not want to use phrases like "I want" because no change will occur because your subconscious is already there. In other words, confirmation of the words "I want" is simply a statement of what "you want", this only confirms that you will always want to confirm whether your confirmation is available. You must see yourself differently by visualizing what it is you want to achieve. Use words like "I am" or "I have", which makes your subconscious mind see and believe that you are already what you want to become, instead of what you want to become.

Positive confirmation can enhance any area of ​​your life, from improving health, skills, performance, relationships, and more to overcoming bad habits such as unhealthy eating habits, aggressive daring and attitudes, shortages, lack of attention and motivation. There are many resources to help those who find confirmation to be difficult. Verifications can be found on the Internet or in books. Remember to try using only external suggestions as an example and maybe rewrite it in your own words. Thoughts and sentences should come from words in your terms. If you want to improve your health, you can find hundreds of examples on the Internet that reflect healthy elements. Although if you should find some health guarantee that you have not normally spoken, you need to rewrite this confirmation in your own words so that you understand what the confirmation means. The subconscious mind will work faster with confirmations considered in your terms of speaking faster than anyone else if you do not fully understand it. Examples of this could be legal terms that most lawyers use, most of us can read it and quite understand it, but lawyers are the ones who can choose it apart and know exactly what it's like to shout in a way we probably never imagined. If your mind does not fully understand the authentication you are violating, your process will not take effect as fast.

How Long Before You See Results

It may take about 20 days to create a lasting change, but can start to affect your behavior very soon as you can notice that you start initially change in the manner you've described in your confirmation. It does not matter how you use your confirmation, too, if you only use your confirmation during the day instead as indicated, it may take longer to affect. Using a recorder or confirmation site like Mindmaster at night allows you to make the change unconsciously without common interference usually occurring during your day with normal daily life. Whatever there is a disturbance to traffic, children, work, cell phones, animals, you name it, they take away from the efficiency of repeating your confirmation. You may also be able to take time out to go somewhere that may be free of these disturbances, but sometimes it's a luxury that many of us do not have. It also takes away from getting other things too. But when you are asleep, you do not have a distraction and your subconscious gets everything you say. Because your subconscious never sleeps, it's even more receptive to receive and keep messages because any doubt and unfaithfulness, which are aware obstacles, are dissected while you are asleep, enabling you to change the subconscious mind more efficiently.

Confirmations and Children

Confirmations, although not as widely used as for adults, can be used with children to help them overcome the obstacles they face for when they grow up. Fear of darkness, fear of the pot, eating habits, aggressive behavior, controlling emotions, improving ability and self-esteem. There are many uses like adults who can help your child too. They should be able to make use of all available customs that they can when they are growing up, which they form in what they become later in life. Use of your child's confirmation can be a little different from how we can use them as adults. Adults have the ability to remember that they need to repeat their confirmation because the children usually lack the ability to remember the simple things they were just told to do. This is where the aim of the subconscious works best. Like how adults use recorder, a product in the market is intended for children to repeat their confirmation back to them in the evening while they sleep on a timed application so it's not in a continuous loop. It has been tried to work by talking toddler with the guidance of their parents. If you have trouble using children's education, your kids have stopped wetting the bed as little as a week, for good and all on your own. This not only helps to give the child an understanding of success, but also confidence and belief that they can achieve their goals.

Some simple confirmation examples are:

* I am a great sales representative who is confident of my ability to succeed.

* I'm productive and successful in everything I do.

* I'm efficient and stress free.

* I do not smoke and control my health and well-being.

* I eat healthy and can control my weight by avoiding unhealthy choices.

* I have a lot of energy to do all my daily activities in my life.

* My body is healthy and free from pain.

* I love learning and performing at school.

* I'm able to wake up the night to go to the bathroom so I can not wet the bed.

* The darkness does not scare me.

* My strength is in the forgiveness of those who hurt me.

* I am worthy of love. The more I love, the greater love is returned to me.

* I am a creative person with lots of good ideas.

* I have a great swing in golf.

* I love my body and love me.

* I have a good personality and strong self-esteem.

* I spend money wisely and is rewarded for work I do.

* I'm powerful in my life!

* I love the life that I live!

* I can change all things of my life!


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