What is increased consciousness?

With increased awareness of NLP, we can capture more information from around the world, both in terms of intelligent state of consciousness and intellectual experience. It allows you to perceive more than five senses to allow you and give you some of the sixth sense to perceive what is happening around you.

Widespread awareness is said to have been pursued by Sami warriors who had to notice enemies who could have been sensed in the normal state of consciousness.

Other than that, I find increased awareness very useful in NLP training and training. It allows me to include more information from the client in training and ability to notice what's happening in people's lives.

You can also recognize the state of relaxation or trance in yourself or others if you guide them toward the status of increased awareness. I find it very useful to do in the Atlantic area, which I like to do from a changed situation so that I can block or play with my own brain. After all, how can you not use NLP for a moment when you try to preserve your spiritual life? You can as well set your brains for good use even in the economy!

Learning how to practice this technology is easy and fun when you get it. Please refer to the article entitled "Expanded Awareness Technique in NLP" to learn how to test.


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