What is the difference between presentation, training and adaptation?

There are three main images for front group: presentation, training and facilitation. There is certainly overlap of abilities – such as powerful sending skills, a good part in level, high qualifications, ability to "read" the audience. But while they are similar skills, they are not interchangeable. It is important to examine the difference between the three processes, so the coach or presenter or instructor knows how to meet different situations.

Introducing : The goal is to present information in a powerful, interesting way

Training : The goal is to use effective birth to increase participants & # 39; level of knowledge or skills

Simplification : The objective is to control the structure and focus of the decision-making team

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Introduction varies but usually an average of 10 to 30

Simplification : Team size is usually less, typically under ten


: Participants are there for information learning


: Course Summary Creates Learning Structure

Simplification : Schedule of Structure of the Meeting of the Meeting


: Language Report Creates Logical Performance Flow

] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Training : the coach is a catalyst for learn

To facilitate : Facilitator controls the activity of a group of pictures up plýsingar

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Presenting 19659002] Training : Coach asks questions to stimulate and evaluate learning

Simplification : Facilitator uses questions to encourage individual participation

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Presenting : Coach participates so that participants can learn from others and interest

Simplification : Facilitator of communication technology conducted by the group member


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