What is your personal definition of success?

Like most entrepreneurs, when I first started my business, my head and my heart were full of dreams for how my business was different from the experience I had in the past 20 years in working life. I was going to have fun, change people, have a flexible time so I could spend more time with my sons, have more time to go and practice and all while building a business that was my expression of creativity. Oh, and of course I would make a lot of money!

When I started to start, I started to feel like I should work longer hours, should work more and "it" – meaning success, should happen faster. No matter how many days I was home to attend a school bus, how many wonderful testimonials from satisfied customers and how often a week I could hide in my program … I would always measure my performance by the amount of money that I did (or was not doing) And when I measured my performance only by the money I made, I was always in the mood because of course it was never enough! We all know that when you're "in mind" it takes a lot of energy and perseverance to take action in your business.

If I was frustrated, depressed or pessimistic about my business or my talent, it was always impossible to "make things happen". It really seemed like I had to pull myself out of argument It took a lot of energy, a lot of feeling alone and a lot of pushing me to believe I was successful. And yet I found myself working longer hours, sacrificing family time and not doing what I dreamed I would be as CEO of my own business.
It was easy to get used to this routine. After all, it was familiar. I was raised with the idea that you had to work hard and people were struggling to do that and even then you always had to keep your nose to a grind for more money. Money, after all, is the ultimate success, right?
Then I learned a lot of change.

I changed my focus. I deliberately started looking for areas in my life, as I was already well! With my children, attract new spouses, write articles that resonated with lots of people, training clients who had amazing success and gifts in their lives and companies. The more I looked at what was working, the more joy and joy I found. The more creative I became. The more "flow" of ideas, actions and people came my way without much effort. And absolutely the more money I did. It's like getting your financial success through the back door!

The more I appreciate, measure, calendar, track … all the things that matter, such as daily or weekly flexibility, holiday / fun days, exercise, be aware and love in touch, be generous with others (parents, family members, organizations, community, friends), release creativity and financial benefits (money, referrals, new customers, new collections to work with)

What is a true measure of your success? Why are you really in business? What are the things that must be present in your business for you to enjoy and continue to enjoy it in the future?

When you read the articles in popular magazines, such as More, Motto, Empowered Woman, and Home Success, you enter the stories of lifestyle lifeguards. These are women and men who focus on creating a successful company that fulfills, can live the life that is fun, to provide time for what matters and fulfill its clear financial dreams.

Satisfactory company. Success. Fun life Time for what is important. We read these words and still for all of us these sentences mean something different. What is the success that one person would be too consuming for another. Things like not wanting someone who tells us when to work and when to work – would drive one of us crazy and not so much that interfere with others.

So what's your personal definition of success? Think of things like independence, flexibility, creative expression, engaging in interesting and creative people, balancing your life, taking vacation, spending time with those you love, as well as financial benefits.

Start to track all your achievements in daily life. "What you emphasize is what you create". The more you emphasize success (vs what does not work) the more you become, do and have a really well rounded, full-out, success!


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