What makes a good assistant coach?

In this practice of basketball, the head coach's choice of coach assistants is important. Good training staff produces good results. Sold, committed coaches can develop a less talented team in the championship. As a primary coach, it is important that you have the conditions for selecting assistants.

The following is a list of features that your coach's assistants should own:

1. Safe and honest.

2. Want to listen, monitor and acknowledge mistakes.

3. Open minded and eager to learn from others.

4. Know the basketball app from A to Z.

5. Prevent and anticipate problems before they occur.

6. Understand that no job is too small. Is a jack-of-all-business from training to drive a bus.

7. Praises the personality and strength of the head coach.

8. Hard workforce and desire to help the program succeed.

9. The goal is driven and constantly learning and improving.

10. Loves training for the right reasons; help grow and develop each player.

A good assistant coach is the capabilities of the coach and the overall plan. In applications that are able to hire only one assistant, choose the right assistant very important. Some coach assistants want to be coaches. Encourage your assistants to prepare for this big step while you are the best assistant they can be.

To develop good assistants, the coach must be prepared to hide and allow others to be responsible. During workouts, staff of 2-3 years can work much better than only one. Job status, crime, defense, shooting, rebounding and transition are all specialty areas that assistants can handle. If they are not ready, use the exercises opportunities to help them develop skills and trust.

Use this list to rate your assistants. Give them a guarantee and they will grow and develop as a coach. Remember, the better your assistants become, the more you can concentrate on important areas of the program that need your attention.


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