Who am I?

The question that is the side of spiritual enlightenment.

I have been a coach for many years, in addition to attending training at at least 1400 coaches worldwide, I have come to the conclusion that one of the greatest skills we, coaches, own and need perfect is & # 39; list of question & # 39;. In fact, another definition of a coach can be said to be Master Questioner.

It is important to remember that the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of questions we ask ourselves. Some ask themselves very moderate questions. For example, "When will we go to the pub?" Others look at someone who has captured many things and asked "Why not me?". It is similar to the difference between "I can not afford" and "How can I afford it?"

As coaches, we have two tasks towards our client. First, provide a first-rate training experience using an effective question. Secondly, educate them about methods and benefits of self-esteem and help them to understand the importance of regularly asking the main questions.

Of course, when it comes to asking questions, we can get very advanced and smart indeed. We can use questions with considerations and assumptions. We can use open and closed questions, we can engage in clean strings, we can use hidden questions and open questions, and in fact we can make it feel good and look great.

But I learned the importance of simplicity for a long time and it is my opinion that the greatest training question about everything is "Who am I?"

This question is very often ignored. Why? Because it's easy to ignore; It can lead us to an unpleasant journey and one we might want to avoid. Yet it is necessary if we want to understand our essence, the real person, the immutable, unforgivable and genuine & i; The "me" we are really meant to be.

This question is the one that helps people come to a deep and adequate understanding of who they really are. So, this is one of the key questions we must teach our customers to ask themselves regularly. & # 39; Who am I? & # 39; Again and again.

True happiness and satisfaction in life is achieved only when our actions and goals are consistent with our fundamental values. But the sad truth is that most of us do not really know what our fundamental values ​​are. Unfortunately, we embark on the values ​​of others, the values ​​that are fond of us in the media that blast us constantly and value the people we work with and the companies we work for. It is rare that the values ​​we attach to ourselves are our true values. The internal conflict that this creates is one of the underlying causes of bad luck and depression in today's society.

You see our values ​​are actually a mirror in which we are actually still a few of us look deep enough into the mirror to see the truth. For thousands of years ago words were written above the door of ancient Greece. The word was "Knosti" and it was written above the door in Delphic Fortress. It's as true today as it was for thousands of years. It simply means "knowing you"

It's an old saying that if you do not know where you come from then you do not know where you're going. The same is true here, if you do not know who you really are, how can you possibly know what you really want out of life, what is very important and how do you know where you are going? I learned a long time that most people do not really know what they want in life, but are willing to go through hell to get it !!!

To answer the question "Who am I?" With clarity and honesty begins the process that will exchange changes in the direction of life. This will once again affect those who are near you; your family, your friends and your work. The way to make a real change in the world today is simply doing it one person, one mind at a time. Start with the one closest to you – of course!

How do I ask the question?

It's important that we ask the question "Who am I?" We allow time for the answers that come. The truth may need to percolate through some songs, and this takes time. You may need to ask yourself this question several times. For example, you can ask "Who am I?" and the answer can come back and I'm a teacher, I'm an electrician and I'm a consultant and # 39; etc. The truth is, you are none of these things. You see you're not what you do! You are much more than that.

So when you ask yourself the question "Who am I?" and you get an answer, you may need to ask again "and who am I?" And again "Who am I?".

It is morally necessary that we always find who we are. So many of us walk through life into a kind of emotional and spiritual obsession and release our reaction to life by producing images of us far from the truth.

When we take part in this important process, I recommend that we do it sincerely and in order that we can be truly present for the answer. We can not really experience anything without being there. True presence requires that we keep an eye on what is happening here and now. It is our responsibility to be aware.


Exercise one – Six months to live

Imagine that you have just returned from a visit to a doctor because you have been informed that you have an incurable disease and only six months to live. However, during these 6 months you will be perfectly healthy, active and active. Now write down what you would do, what you would see, where you would go and, very important, who you would spend your time with – and why. Do you want to change some aspects of life now? Do you want to continue working on your job? If not, why not?

Explanation: This should very clearly point to what is important or even necessary in your life. It's so easy to postpone but you need to join these things now. It is obvious that this is very important to you, so you should try to get them as quickly as possible – as urgent.

EXERCISE TWO – Direction

This exercise will provide you with good points towards the direction of life that you should be on the way. It is important that you sit quietly with pens and paper and write clear and specific answers to the following questions. Do not affect others or let negative thoughts disturb your answers. Please provide a notice and comment to this exercise; It's not uncommon for you to complete several hours.

1. Imagine there are no obstacles to you to get everything you want in life, what and where would you like to be most? Do you want to be president? Opera singer? Maybe a great athlete or success customer?

2. What has the past given you the most pleasure and pleasure?

3. The following list of words usually includes what we want in our lives. Clearly write your own definition of what words mean to you.





Explanation: If you do not really know what you want in life, how can you achieve it? The answers you give in this exercise will be at your heart's final goal list. They will lead you toward what makes you happy and true to your life.

WHAT am I working?

It's amazed me when I see leaders of big companies like British American Tobacco (BAT), the interests of the international organizations are paragons and actual examples of how businesses operate. Yet, tens of thousands of people die every month around the world because of the product. The community establishes men and women who make products that kill, for purely benefit. I sometimes wonder if the prisoners have taken over asylum!

However, what price has been paid for this decision making of men and women?
Like so many others in similar cases, are played out in companies around the world, these individuals are submitting their own value to the company for which they work. If only they would ask themselves "Who am I?" We could see a significant and radical change in the thinking of these leaders.

I've come across when I've worked with men and women in these places and helped them answer my question "Who are you?" I have fun watching them slowly travel towards a true identity. It is at this point that they have started making changes, to really matter within their companies. Making and implementing decisions based on power rather than power. Make a positive difference between the lives of employees and thousands of clients of that company.

Much is said about corporate social responsibility; There is a sentence that is bandied about with gay abandonment and in some cases Solomneous that proves the truth, that is, most adhere to and accept the company culture, ethics, morality and value rather than expressing their own thoughts. This leads them to do things that are not compatible with their own core values.

Therefore, there is a great need for us to reconnect with our fundamental values, because the truth is that in most of us it is highly commendable. It's just a matter of getting there again and remembering who we are.


If we are not sure who we are now, how much more difficult is trying to find out who we really want to be in the future. Especially since the media do such a great job of indoctrinating us into believing what we should be. From television advertising, we know we should all be young, slim, clever, tanned, without spot or glasses. From a variety of magazines, we learn that by paying much more attention to ourselves and spending a lot of money on us) we can really make us young, sexually desirable, good and well.

The result of this is that we will set goals for us who have really been stuck on us. Not those congruent with or even based on our own true core values.


For many years, I believed that one of the greatest training needs of all would be "what do you want?". This question can be asked in so many ways, you can come from so many angles and for a few years I thought this was the question of questions.

But long ago, I found that for some of the above reasons, this is not the great question she bought to be because, as we have seen, we do not really know what we usually want.

I now know a deep and profound sense of knowing that there is a more question, a more important question, a question that extends deep down to the essence. This question is "Who am I" ??

You see training is about performing the best with the individual and private support someone who will challenge and lead you to keep growing.

Essentially, it's about helping you gain confidence – a point where you know not only yourself, but within this knowledge you have the comfort and understanding of those you discover.

Training (or if we do not have a coach, self-management) is essential if we really want to achieve our full potential, to be all we can, to truly achieve transcendence.


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