Why a mentor?

Brief introduction . It's no more work than helping others succeed! As a finished C-level manager, I have many experiences to share. Add that to my life experience and I believe I have a lot to give up. I invest in others with guidance, teaching, training, sharing, etc. I want to share my knowledge with others.

Guidelines provide me a way to offer my experience and give back. But advice is a bilateral street. I would like to learn from mentees too. I benefit and get back as much as I give. As a result, I find instructions and personal satisfaction. Giving and receiving; Guidance is mutual communication – Therefore, I have chosen to be a guide.

What is the guide . A supervisor is a relationship that gives people the opportunity to share professional and personal skills and experience and to grow and evolve in that process.

There are no basics needed for guidance. The supervisor only uses his / her experience of teaching, guiding, advising, guiding, encouraging, introducing, etc. Mentoring can be regular or once. It can be done face to face or it can be done remotely, for example, on the internet or by phone. A supervisor can be someone we know well or there may be someone we do not know personally or professionally. There may be someone we have established a relationship with only to participate in the guiding process.

We all work as mentors and are mentees. Every time we provide advice we are suggested; every time we get advice we are guiding. This process is manifested through our lives; It is part of the program, part of self-development. At personal level, it is generally informal process.

Historically, the guide to the business world has been more formal, organized; often obtained through organizations of companies and schools. However, with enhanced technology and rapid change in the economic and business environment that enables US companies to compete in the world market, business consulting is becoming more informal process. This change is wonderful as it increases the opportunity for more guidance and mentor to get the benefits earned by serving as a mentor. Self-development, maintaining personal and commercial interest rates and changes we desire and seek, is provided with instructions by providing individuals with feedback, questions, challenges, comfort and guidance. So why should we not open doors that create opportunities for more and more instructions.

The benefits of a guiding relationship are unprecedented. For the mentor, priceless advice, direction, solution to problems, training, etc., is received. Mentees can get a perspective from a mentor experience that others might have taken years for mentee to gain from their own experience.

However, the mentor not only takes pleasure in helping others, but also has the opportunity to learn from others. Mentors and mentees should both be sponges to deepen knowledge, perspective and experience from each other.

Why I Mentor. The supervisor is not my passion; it's my obsession. I want to help others. It's a task. And I never want to stop learning, stop growing. A supervisor relationship allows me to help others and to grow and learn myself.


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