Women's Christian Training to Identify Their Basic Values

When I'm training Christian women, I first have to identify their own fundamental values ​​(the most important life leaders they live with). The core values ​​play such an important role in how you spend time, money, energy, thinking and affairs. If you do not consciously choose to do things for good reason, an event has occurred in your life by default.

Put another way, you can get a boat and paddle, start the motorcycle or sail, to move in a certain direction. Or you can sit in the same boat and drive with the current. You have to go somewhere. Choosing a core value for your life helps put that direction.

Women's Training, I suggest they think about what they spend money on, what they think most about, what they spend their time doing and what they tend to talk about. If it is not yet clear to you what your value is, try finishing this sentence. The most important thing to me is … No matter what would I give up …

Be honest, even if it's a little embarrassing to find out what's most important to you. God can help you change your choices if you want. Once you have decided about about three of your core core values, consciously using them in decision making, simplifying your thinking and making progress toward God for you. Christian women's training for solid Christian fundamental values ​​helps them in all areas of life.


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