Worker Training – Spend time between training, managing director and leadership

Everyone knows that employee training is essential for the company's own growth and performance. And of course you should control them and lead them too. Or should you? Is there a difference between employee training, management of employees and leading employees? In my opinion, yes, though the lines are often blurred. One of my mentors defines training as a matter of recovery, reminds and reflects people of things they know or should have paid more attention to earlier in life. The other part of training is waking people to what they were never seen before, 2 and 2 that they were never shown add up to 4. It's a perfect definition in my opinion. Management is how you do it & # 39; function and leading is "where the goal is; how you get there is yours / us function. Subtle difference for sure and the terms are often used alternately Although both manager and leader can involve training, does not work with management or leading.

How do you know if you should be a coach, manager or leading employee? First, depending on the role and responsibility of the employee, the higher their position is to train or lead rather than The youngsters need more direction until they acquire the necessary skills, depending on the situation or skills that need to be developed. For example, how to communicate effectively is best treated through training. Teaching someone Creating a business plan is a way of managing. But acknowledging that in the lifetime of an employee, you have to change your time

Training of employees is the most difficult as it requires time, patience, exercises and dedication from both sides. You may even find that you need to train employees not to control them. This means getting them to mind, taking risks, acknowledging what needs to be done and calculating how to do it. You want to lead rather than manage them, and it happens through training.

I bet now that you are completely confused. What I want you to take from this article is that effective training allows you to spend more time rather than managing. In the case of a product we can not make more of, think how much you will save if you lead more and manage less.


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