Workers' Training and Advice

The co-ordination of employee training and counseling is important. It will save you from very unemployed pay and is just a good way to trade. It also affects staff. If an employee knows that you bend the rules for one employee and not another, your 100% credibility as a supervisor is gone. Respect is gone.

It's important when you train workers to provide positive training explanations too. Too often, managers and administrators focus only on negative. It is important to establish trust and mutual respect with your employees. When you need to advise an employee and retrain them for a part of their work, it is much easier if you have already created this report with the employee. This is different than being a friend of the employee. There is a very clear line between being friendly to the employees you oversee and being friends with people you oversee.

When an employee is skilled in something they need to improve, it is important to provide the facts. You do not want to notice your review (ie: Jane is a bad man. John is lazy.) This will put you in trouble. You only want to share what you have seen and track or what has been reported to you. It's a good idea to answer the questions: Who, Where, Where and Why, in the form of advice. It is also recommended that the agency or company use the same form across all departments within the organization.

Next, it is important to name a policy or order that was broken or broken. If a policy or procedure is not in writing, you can not expect an employee to follow it. Employees will usually keep in mind that they were not aware that this would be a rule and again this will put you in trouble with unemployment.

You, as a supervisor, need to list what the employee needs to do to improve their performance. Remember, this is not personal. Communicate on clear, measurable terms that the employee needs to change. You also need to explain what will happen if they do not improve their performance. Will they be fired? Will they be postponed? It is important to have this information also described in your policy.

Conformity is key. Make sure that you treat each employee and every violation of the policy in the same way. You must prioritize when answering for the first time and you need to be in agreement or you will quit cases in litigation.

Finally, I want to conclude an advisory meeting by noting how much I have to rate this employee and how I'm praised for his success and I will do my things as a supervisor to assist employees to fix what concerns been diagnosed. This means a lot for the employee. Your employees will usually do a good job and have a good relationship with their boss.

Here is a summary of recommendations when an employee's counselor:
1. Just facts and no opinions
2. Know the rule or order the broken fraction
3. Explain what they need to do to improve their success in the future
4. Explain what will happen if they do not improve their performance
5. Provide some positive feedback about the employee


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