Youth sports training – how to encourage your players

As a basketball coach, training your philosophy should focus primarily on stimulating your players, creating stress-free situations and making your exercise fun and stimulating. The training idea is not about setting the highest demands and then the exhaustion of children to meet your expectations. You have set reasonable standards and expectations for you and your team.

Especially when you work with children it is important to encourage them. Your expectations should always be consistent with the age group you are a coach and you will constantly encourage all players in your team. I'm not saying you should have no expectations, but just do not overdo it. Some guys may be challenged by difficult challenges, such as sinking 10 throws in a row, but for others, this challenge may put too much pressure on them. If they think they can not face the challenge and meet your expectations, they might lose their motivation to join.

As a coach you must take time to get to know each player because each of them will respond differently to certain stimuli. By getting to know your players, you must be able to decide which motivation methods work best for each player. However, there are some common signs of activating your team:

Show them your passion and passion for basketball, as well as your satisfaction as a teacher. Remember, when you're working with kids, you're not just their coach, but you'll be a model for them. Your excitement and interest will inspire them and they will see the beauty of the game and learn to enjoy it.

Do not set an impossible goal. Remember that for children it is important to have fun while playing and enjoying the game, so do not put too much strain on winning every game. As their coach, you must encourage them and set precise goals so that they are constantly stimulated and encouraged. If they achieve the goals, they will probably be more comfortable and their entire game will recover. Convincing them to be a winner means giving you the best effort, regardless of the situation.

Be positive. It's simply the best incentive tool there.

Continuously motivated players are one of the hardest responsible coaches. Confidence and motivation directly affect all player productivity and further productivity of the team. Help the kids to gain confidence and encourage them at each level. Let them know that making mistakes is human and its part in the game. And last but not least, do not use threats as motivation! The kids are having fun while they play and learn from their mistakes, not being punished for them.


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