12 Daily Confirmations for Christian Leaders

1. I am uniquely created by God for special purposes.

God created only one model with my exact DNA. He specifically chooses my parents, siblings, race, nationality, spiritual ability, physical attributes and time in history. Like any responsible artist, architect, designer or inventor, God certainly had considerations before he went to all trouble gathering me together.

2. I use Jesus Christ as my model.

I, like Jesus, do not want to do myself to myself, but only as I am taught by God and receive his commandments. Even when I hear, I judge; and my judgment is correct and correct because I refuse to seek my own will [my own aim, my own purpose] but only the will and pleasure of the Father who sent me. (John 5:30 AMP)

3. Every day I live in the awareness that it's time to do everything God wants me to do.

It's not time to do everything; It's not time to do everything good or all that everyone else wants me to do; and it's definitely not time to do all that "I" want to do. But it's time to do all that God asks me to do today.

4. I acknowledge that God is giving everything and everyone needs to fulfill my purpose in my life.

Money, Manpower, and Essential Things are provided (or held) to help me understand his policies and plans for my life. When the finances are tight, I determine different decisions, but I would if the money fled. I get this as a method of God to help me know what to do right now.

5. I acknowledge that every encounter is a godfather in the face of an obvious case.

God Himself is ordering my life: I enjoy blessing, no luck. My fate is not catching but is safe in Christ. My relevance is really God's light. I am led by God, not a situation. Instead, God will use every condition to help me understand his activities in my life, if I will acknowledge his desire to do it.

6. I refuse to focus on myself, others or circumstances.

I regularly evaluate all the negative effects of my life for lessons and quickly run those painful parts of each leg on the cross. I then see that I get to Christ on the cross and, consequently, my power in me, I look at my insult (even though I am myself) and say, "Father, I forgive them, hurt me." Then I go back to resurrected fashion through life, ready to extend God's forgiveness to all offenders (even if they do not understand yet).

7. I feed on the Word of God.

I have turned cards in my pocket, car, kitchen, desk drawer and on my mirror. My thoughts come back to my current memory verse when I contemplate the chest of life.

8. I breathe the air in prayer.

I pray often and without quitting. I can go for a few days without water and a few weeks without food, but I can not live for ten minutes without oxygen. As a dolphin surface for air, I will constantly burst through the clouds of life in the Sonshine God, with prayer, or I will start to shake mentally (defined: stress).

9. I imprison all my thoughts to make it obedient to Christ.

My warning system goes from the first signs of "self" sins, including self-consciousness, self-learning, self-sufficiency and all their suicide, suicide. I trust God to show me all the wrong thoughts, as I give them to Christ, as they are the warfare that he has to deal with.

10. I promise God in every condition. No exceptions.

Everything that comes into my life, Satan wants to use to destroy me; but everything that comes into my life, God wants to use for my good. I refuse to disappoint, despair or suicide, choosing instead to get in touch with God for the best of my life by moving to praise. (Promise God through a devastating state is called the "sacrifice charge").

11. I follow leaders, do every next step God organizes for me.

It is impossible for God to take me from comforting my current position in glory battles without without winning me first in booths. I acknowledge that all obstacles, withdrawal, disappointment and challenges are divine as a training tool to prepare for my destiny in Christ. I get them with joy and push through a certain faith and hope.

12. I decide to be patient with his process – as I truly believe that all my life's events are interactive.

I trust God more than I trust a doctor who could easily cut me open rather than see me die. I trust God more than I trust a professor who would willingly cause a painful challenge to me rather than looking at me missing the knowledge I need to succeed. I trust God more than I trust the employer, but regular wages seem to support me. I trust God no matter what!


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