25 Verifications to enhance your common sense

Do you want to increase your spiritual awareness easily and consistently? Want to enjoy the project more and more? Now you can. Verifications let the subconscious know what you want to experience. You set the parameters. You use confirmation to program your attention to searching for certain things, and then you add strength when you see them appear in your life.

Confirmations here are specified in the present time. They are designed to give your overall mental experience a successful positive taste. Use them daily or even more often.

• Being insane is fun. I love it!

• Every day, I feel more comfortable using my insanity.

• The more I'm aware of the physical environment, the easier I get to know my environment.

• I notice what my physical perception is to tell me.

• It will be easier every day to monitor what my physical perception is experiencing.

• As I increase physical awareness, I bring spiritual awareness.

• My skills grow easily and comfortably.

• I get a psychological impression in a comfortable way for me.

• My psychological impressions grow more and more accurately.

• My psychological impression becomes clearer and prominent every time I use my intuition.

• I take opportunities to use my spiritual awareness in an enjoyable way.

• The information and resources come naturally to me, which help me increase my spiritual awareness both easily and safely.

• I get a spiritual vision that is easy to verify.

• As my accuracy grows, it also makes my trust in my abilities.

• I attract people who appreciate my psychological abilities.

• I only attract people and conditions that are of my highest quality.

• I acknowledge that not everyone is open to discuss intuition and common sense, and that's all right.

• I like to use my mental health.

• I find wonderful little ways to use my intuition to increase my life.

• When I grow spiritually, I find it easier to level myself.

• The more I practice opening and reducing my mental awareness, the easier it becomes.

• Every day I exercise, I notice that it will be easier to turn on my spiritual consciousness and will.

• My psychic skills grow more precisely the more I play.

• I like playing with my talents and finding fun things to try.

• It is wonderful, of course, developing psychological gifts.

Print this to be used every day. You may want to add more special confirmations that fit your needs and preferences. Be sure to keep the word positive and in modern times. Tell them out loud with a sense of making them even more powerful.


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