39 Spells confirmation to tear up your sex

Have you ever used the power of positive affirmations?

Some say you can achieve any goal, including improving your sex with positive thinking. Even though we think something is happening no matter what you do, positive confirmation can help you with what's at your fingertips.

After years of research, we believe in all areas of life, including your sex, greatly affect your current and past life experiences. Personal timing and destiny (the same as destiny) reflects your past and present.

The good news is that although much of your life is planned, you have the free will to make the most of your destiny with your thoughts, within the limits of your destiny.

If you want to improve your sex, you can use your confirmation to take advantage of it.

However, it is useful to realize that thoughts are influenced by attitudes and that all sexes are gender-intensive with two major effects:

1) Unconscious life experience memories of bad experiences with sex

2) Repression in The Society for Sex, Without Marriage, is Unclean or Wrong

Once you have acknowledged this effect, they are easier to overcome or at least work around you.

Below are 39 stunning confirmations for amazing sex. Choose one and focus on it for one week or more. Then try another. Your subconscious mind will receive them if you repeat them often enough.

Note: Subliminal MP3s or Verification work whether you use "you" or "I." But, "you" can be more effective if you are skeptical or do not yet believe in your confirmation, and "I" can work better if you do not like the following policies. Repeat will help conquer either hurry.

Note: We are the guardians of safe sex, especially if you are one or not 100% sure, your spouse is always 100% faithful and recommends this important confirmation: My health is important, so safe sex needs for me.

1) I'm passionate about increasing my sexual orientation.

2) The vast universe of sexual pleasure is my exploration.

3) I have the ability to become an incredible lover.

4) It is turned on to bring pleasure with my partner.

5) I choose to focus on sexual pleasure instead of special actions.

6) I like sexual dependence and creativity

7) I love my body and how it leads to my partner and my pleasure.

8) I love sex more when I relax and relate to my body.

9) I forget to perform and concentrate instead of what works best.

10) I'm sure I can provide the best for my partner and myself.

11) I left comparisons and focused on satisfaction in my body and being present.

12) I enjoy the moment and lose expectations.

13) I forget the euphoric sense of release.

14) I have more control when I'm in my body.

15) Looking at partner satisfaction gives me great pleasure.

16) I slow down and rejoice every moment of sexual pleasure.

17) I let go of the past and discovered anxiety about being independent and sexual.

18) It's ok to express my feelings.

19) I chose to create adequate sex.

20) I love to communicate with my partner about what's about us.

21) I like to experiment with what my partner wants.

22) I forget to execute and enjoy being with my partner.

23) I feel like I enjoy sexual exploration for a while.

24) I open up sexual intercourse with my partner.

25) Sexual pleasure is my privilege and I'm ready to go for it.

26) I now sense sex as a healing, natural and caring act.

27) I am responsible for my orgasm.

28) I feel more sexual pleasure when I release.

29) My vulnerability is part of my power.

30) I breathe, relax and open for fun.

31) When I accept more, I become more desirable and attractive.

32) My body is the ultimate hospitality.

33) I know the power of my sexual glory.

34) I release and release sexual energy.

35) I am honest and direct and share what I need.

36) I say yes to sexual pleasure.

37) Much sex is important to my health and well-being.

38) My sexual desire is healthy and natural.

39) Looking at my sexual pleasure is my right.

Now that you are aware of how your thoughts affect your reality, you can use these confirmations for amazing sex.

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