7 key points for successful confirmation

Positive confirmation is a wonderful tool for changing changes in all areas of our lives. Verifications work, but if you're new to confirmation, you can not know where to start.

Here's a short guide to seven key issues that can be used to build a valid confirmation:

1. Style. There are different types of confirmation: "I'm healthy"; "My hope is to be healthy"; "I'm going to be healthy". Different styles may make more sense than others depending on how close you think you get what you say: If you consider yourself to be very far from being wealthy, "might be better than" I'm wealthy "

2. Positive. Make sure you have a positive confirmation. If you do not know how to find the positive way to describe what you want, look for the opposite of what you do not want: For example, if you do not want pain, say: "My bake is perfectly healthy and fully supports my body."

3. Current. State Your Values ​​in Modern Times: "I have a perfect vision. "If you use" will, "as in" I will enjoy perfect peace, "the peace you seek to remain in the future and beyond study.

4. Significant words. Use words as translate something for you and charge you with emotions: Find the difference between "I am well" rsus "I enjoy very good health". Choose the words that are experiencing you. If you are bilingual, select the language as the confirmation "touches" you more.

5. Faith. Just how much do you need to believe your confirmation for them to come true? Simply 51% is sufficient to compress on the positive side. It's also easier to believe your confirmation if you choose words that appeal to you and it creates a positive feeling for you.

6. Repetition. Repeat your confirmation several times a day. It works well for me to read them in the morning when I get up, before going to sleep, and in moments of moments I may have during the day, like waiting in a queue. You can write your confirmation on a sheet so you can read them anywhere.

7. Release It While you made a confirmation because you want to create something in your life, the best attitude is to be one step away from the actual results: Once you have read your confirmation, leave It goes, rather than holding a sense of "desire" for the confirmation to appear.

Play with different combinations of styles, words, and repetitions to discover what works best for you – it's very important that you finish – make your confirmations to suit your own preferences.

The "secret" for a quick impression of what your statements say is to repeat them as what you confirm already happened. It's much more powerful to say confirmation and believe you've achieved what you say but say it from a sense of lack.

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