A powerful way of telling confirmations when they do not seem to work

With some affirmations, we create spiritual conflicts, and instead of being truly appealing in our lives, which we are confirming, we push it from us. We train our minds for new thoughts-patterns with repetitions and strong emotions, and at the outset we do not even have to believe in what we are telling ourselves.

True, as we continue to tell us a new story, we will finally come to reprogram our subconscious to produce what we are confirming.

But what if we say this confirmation day after day, week after week and month after month without seeing any kind of signs of the impression?

Usually we feel discouraged and if it continues, we lose hopelessness and things seem even worse and no better sometimes. A good rule is never to be confirmed without feeling well.

So if we're out of control for example and confirm that we're a millionaire and if we do not feel like a millionaire, we'd rather find a lack of money, we're just making more of the lack.

If you are sick, for example, it may be difficult to believe yourself when you confirm that "my body is healthy" or if you are blind to confirm "I'm financially wealthy." And if you think it's a conflict in you to say that, then it's another way to do that which I invite you to try and find the difference. Always go towards a better sense of place.

Our subconscious mind responds to whatever we feed it and it does not judge; It is always necessary to abide by all the tasks we are giving it and it does not matter whether it is positive or negative. If you continue to affirm yourself that life is hurting, then what your subconscious mind will produce for you; a life that sucks. If you tell yourself things are just better and better every day, then that's what you'll experience.

But if you confirm yourself that you are rich while you are poor, you have a conflict in yourself and because your subconscious mind is a bad feeling, it ensures that what you feel strong about must be important so that you get more of it. The words become empty and cave. It responds to how you feel.

But this can be changed with very little and simple clippings on how you say your confirmation that goes a lot better and it will be taken of the subconscious as the truth.

And it's releasing "I'm" and just thinking about the idea of ​​wealth or perfect health for example.

Every morning and every night, when your mind is extinguished and open to suggestions, the idea established about wealth; say again and again;

"Wealth, Riches, Riches," or "Perfect Health, Perfect Health," etc. In maybe five minutes.

The idea wealth is very good, do not you agree?

And when we know that our subconscious does not know whether we are pretending or remembering and can not tell the difference between what real and what is, then feed it with these ideas of a good feeling that we want to attract and that's all it needs. Immediately, it will begin to produce what you confirm. And the more positive emotions you have about the idea of ​​wealth, health or whatever, the faster it will come to you.

Try it now, just feel the difference: "I'm rich" and "wealth", "I'm perfect health" and "perfect health."

Feel it?


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