Action Learning – A Tool for Innovation

Action Less than Brain

Have you been constantly rehashing the same issues and fasting in the same discussion? Do you find your company team unable to innovate and bring new ideas to the table?

Beware of harmony! It's easy to assume that what we do is best. Just because it's effective does not mean it's the best performance.

Action studies will inspire the organization with renewed ability to create, innovate, solve problems and prosper with changing circumstances. Attractive learning is a method used to help study assessment with the aim of creating action plans related to actual working methods.

The action classes meet to reflect, discuss and ask each other. This allows teams to rely on members & # 39; different abilities, experience and expertise that will help you learn from experience.

The above-mentioned knowledge
o Insight Question
o Learning at the moment
o Meditation on Maintaining the Degree of Work in the Workplace Best Practices
o Realistic Problem Solving

Make sure everyone is taking participant:

In order to get the most out of action learning, the goal or goal must be clearly understood by all participants.

Therefore, the key to having a supervisor and, although an external member is chosen, can anyone in the team who understands to facilitate, do this action.

The supervisor must:
o take the case
o make sure the correct questions are asked
o keep the process correct
o Make sure that all participants participate in the process [19659002] It is very important that participants have the desire to be there and understand the need to create a solution.

How to know when the solution is found:

Number of meetings may have been predetermined, but since the process of meeting and reality
is an environmental progress over time, fewer or more meetings may be needed. Also, if the goal was very clear and understood from the outside, the team will evolve towards the goal.

By entering knowledge and knowledge within the group, an effective solution to problems can develop and the environment of "thought outside the box" is fostered.

This process is in most cases circular, since, when a model is taken up, by reflection, the use of the solution can lead to a better and better solution.

Because the group lives with the first hand and is in process of food, they are the ones who want to know when the best solution is achieved.

Be aware of repeated mistakes:

Be aware of a repetition call, this is for the team to see the forest for the trees. Always avoid using the same method or approach to solving problems, leading to similar solutions. (One size does not fit all).

Try to use different words in the forum, this will help create different methods and ideas that are probably never considered.

Action is not a new idea, it was developed in 1940 by Titanic Sank. Maybe it's time to prevent an internship in your team before … well … it's too late.


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