Aim for children

Aim like many other important abilities in life is usually not taught at school. This leaves parents responsible for achieving the great power of an effective goal of caring for their children. Of course, one of the best ways to teach the goals of our children is to shape the process itself.

Children really love to set goals. Once upon a time my family decided to do a little goal in order to make the house run efficiently. We sat down and created many goals and the children became infectious. The key for the kids is that you have to do it in play.

What we did to make the audience fun for them was to add some important factors. Here are some tips on setting goals with the kids.

1. Adjust measurable goals.

This is important for all those who set goals and it's good to teach this child to this lesson early. We had simple goals every week to complete the chores around the house.

2. Create a fun way to measure.

Children need to visually see their progress. What we did was printed a big picture of a mountain and stuck on our refrigerator. Our goal was to reach the top. Then we cut out a small print so that when we achieved our goals we moved higher and higher up to the mountain. This made the goal fun for the kids. You should have seen their excitement every night, as we will upgrade our mountain. We had the kids run to clean the room, make beds and sweep the floors so they could fly the flag higher up the mountain.

This little game we developed on our fridge finally became an inspiration to build the online markup game The Summit.

3. Have awards.

Awards are important for goals. I do not remember what the rewards were but our children were excited about it. We told them that if we got to the top we would be earning a family reward.

Day by day we moved up the mountain and our children had a blast at the same time. It made our house cleaner, our children encouraged more and it taught them important principles of the goal process. You can create your own family goal game, just do what we did and cut out a picture of a mountain and eat it in your fridge and your children will be a blast. The goal can be fun.


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