Aim – The first step in the fight against obesity

If you are reading this article, you or someone you care is likely to consider overweight and may even think about the possibility of bariatric surgery and the benefits that this feature may offer. As a supervisor of a bariatric department within the hospital, I see the effects that this disease has, not only for the patients I care but also for their loved ones.

Everyday obesity is making headlines news, why? Because it has a detrimental effect on all aspects of your life; as it affects your body, mind and spirit. If you suffer from obesity, you can comfort yourself because you are not alone, in fact there are over 97 million people in the country who suffer from this disease as well. If you are untreated, obesity may cause you to suffer from other bone related disorders such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep disturbances and heart disease, to name just a few and may possibly shorten your life span after years.

Everyone is at risk of becoming overweight. This disease does not discriminate between age, race, gender or culture. If you are significantly overweight, the weight key may be the answer you are looking for and, in many cases, the answer you need to help combat the fight against obesity which is now taking over as the leading cause of preventable death over smoking. You should know that bariatric surgery does not work alone, it's only a tool to help you lose weight. Those individuals who are successful are those who are serious and committed to losing weight and each one of these successes started with a plan.

Nothing that was repeated or worthwhile was always based on one day; Building a strong foundation is the secret to success on long term weight loss and healthier and need to start with a carefully thought out plan. If you are considering any type of weight study, you must first begin with a detailed plan that will plan your journey. When it comes to healthy and persistent weight loss, there are no doses or tablets that you can take; This is a life-threatening decision for you, your family and your friends. I will not lie to you, it's not easy to go out and will take work on your part, but if you're dedicated and sure the way will definitely lead to victory!

What way you choose to lose weight, one thing is certain, those who are out of bounds or those who set unrealistic goals are often in failure. You need to decide what your final goal is and exactly what you are going to do to achieve it and be as accurate as possible. Once you have your goal in mind, you must write it down and be committed and emotionally ready to follow your schedule and want it more than anything. The goals you choose must be realistic and available. If you expect to lose 50 pounds a month, both you and I know it's not realistic, but if you commit to a healthy diet and increase your daily exercise and shoot at 1 to 2 pounds a week, you're more likely to to succeed.

You do not even wake up once – it took some time to build your weight, so it will also take some time to get rid of it. If you set yourself up to succeed by breaking your big goals into smaller segments you will be much more likely to continue! If your goal is to lose 50 pounds, keep focusing on five (5) pounds instead. It's much easier to lose five (5) pounds than 50. Add great thought and detail to the plan, for example, do not just say I'll practice more. Make the plan by saying "I'm going to take a 15-minute walk every day for lunch and then back after dinner."

The smaller goals that are realistic are the ones that are further, which means it will be easier for you to achieve your higher goal because you will feel good about yourself and what you have achieved and will be encouraged to keep it forward! Do not forget to include a prize for a course achieved in your detailed plan. Your benefits should be anything that does not relate to foods such as manicure, new walking shoes you've been wanting, or treat yourself to the new book or movie you'd love to have.

In addition to realistic goals, you must describe all that you are doing to make it happen. Some examples include cleaning the shop and getting rid of all junk foods with high fat and sugar content, making new grocery shopping lists, decide to pack lunch every day instead of going through the drive and taking the dog for a walk evening after dinner, do not eat in front of the tv or eat dinner, keep a diary or exercise diary, drink more water every day, take a daily multivitamin … get the idea? You need to customize your plan for what you can and are willing to do. If you know you do not like anything and will never do it, do not you! Set up to be successful!

Make sure you also take practice in your goals. Exercise and nutrition are both important for weight loss. Exercise is an absolute measure for those who lose weight and do not mean having to go to an expensive gym. Make sure you have a variety of activities that you enjoy, so it will be easier for you to proceed. Do you like dancing? Swimming? Play tennis Cheers? Golf? Garden? All these features are calorie burners … just keep moving! Remember, you're making a plan to become a winner!

Your goal should also contain your reasons or motivations in order to want this change in your life. Motivation is very personal and different for everyone. Some people know that the kids need and need to rely on them is a good motivation. Some are inspired by a closet full of clothes that no longer fit and still others can have a medical cabinet full of necessary daily drugs or twilight of new illnesses. After finding your interest, sit and think for a moment of how your life will be after you have achieved your goal and about all the wonderful changes you can look forward to … focus on how much healthier you will be and how your quality life will improve … see your success in the finish line!

Keep track of your progress in a matter of weeks and this is especially easy to do if you've written the program down. Hold your goal once to see how you are doing. If you find that you have a problem with one area, see what you can do to find a solution or replacement. You will not be more likely to give up all the plans if you are successful. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of clipping here or until you find a plan you can really live with and there is nothing in the rules against positive changes!

If you want to succeed, you must do some research and plan in advance. You must remember to keep the program simple and manageable for what you can accomplish and you only need to work in a few things at a time. You can not change everything at once. You also need to realize and always remember that you have control and what you control, you can change! Best regards to you on your journey to a healthier life!


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