Aim to put after 50 – three myths that hold you tight

Faith is powerful in keeping us from following what we might want for ourselves. Our inner language is what brings us forward or keeps us in the familiar comfort area. After years of thinking in a certain way, the idea seems to be true. To move out of this hugging area takes a change of attitude and want to try something different. When you work with people in the latter part of life, there are three myths that I hear most often that arise as the reasons why they can not pass. It's like these three myths are part of the drawing for life.

Myth # 1: It's too late to make changes

Where did this idea come from? I think it can go back in time when the lifestyle was greater and it seems to be a remnant of old thinking. It has wondered how often I've heard people who know how to evolve in new directions find this belief to keep them back.

Myth # 2: Now One Way In One Way

The fact that people tend to have ordinary ways to do things are certainly true when they grow older. It's about doing things over and over again the same way. The belief system makes it easy to reduce the desire for change.

Myth # 3: Genetics

How often have you heard someone say: that's just how he / she is. This belief system makes sure there is no hope that individuals will make changes.

What you can do:

1. Get the full size of yours.

Believing these three myths can become an independent prophecy. If you believe it is too late to make any changes then you will continue to have familiar comfort. It may not be good for you, but it is familiar. Instead of opening yourself in full size, you're in the place of limiting yourself. People are constantly redefining aging and making it their living life.

2. Change begins within

By recognizing that the myths are myths and not realities, you can redefine yourself what is right for you. By doing so, you begin to evolve and grow according to your own drummer.

3. Take action.

Change the belief system and take action go hand in hand. If you feel that you are bored with the repetition of your life, start making little changes. For example, if there are unfinished tasks that interfere you choose one and finish it. Completing something that has taken you is a good feeling. You will find that when you begin to achieve what you will start to think bigger.

Emotional pleasure and fitness grows by taking responsibility to be the one you are able to be. What matters can change when one gets older, but the desire for inner satisfaction is always there.


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