Aim to put – have faith

Recently opened one of my personal training stalls at one of our local nightmares in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

It was one of the projects that passed and I found out to market their products and services directly to the public. The answer was good; Some soldiers were made and few registered for premiere and put in Japanese language classes, the yoga class and the chess class. I was challenged with the result.

But I sensed negative vibration that called among the members. I wanted to capture this problem as soon as possible before it became serious; pinch it, as the old saying goes. I then informed them that I wanted to meet them the next day, in the evening. They agreed.

Throughout the next day, I can describe all my business on the markets with one word, "horrible"! I lost big amounts of money. I was shopping like an amateur, so much so that my partner was very impressed. The markets were very fluctuating; and usually my partner and I work most when markets are unstable.

But I did not quite get in touch with the market. He asked what was disturbing me. I said I did not know. But I knew my mind was focused on my goals. What happened was astonished. But I know everything happens for a reason. Sometimes nature would show me that. With this in mind, I continued to trade but in lesser quantities. This helped to reduce my loss.

Although I was feeling a bit down, I scratched it and told me I would come back the next day to work again as I always do. My wife called to remind me of the meeting I should have with my participants. That's when it struck me! Nature was trying to see if I was truly committed to my goals!

At the meeting I spoke to them about the negative vibration I found in the last day. Some nodded as I spoke. I smoked and told them what I went all day long. When I told them about the damage I suffered on the market for the day, some of them were taken and really worried about their face.

I can tell about their questions and responses when they heard of my loss on the market, that they were very worried about me. But I calmed them down and said it was part of a merchant's life. There are days where we take good money and it's rare days because things are not going right. but we work hard to ensure that when we work, we work big and when we lose, we lose a little. It is part of the business world.

When we sat down, I asked if they were a negative vibrating in me since we met up tonight to this season. One of my participants said he noticed that I was tired but he did not know any negative vibration.

I explained that it should be done by being focused on my goals. As I said, I basically reminded them; to have goals in all seven areas of life. The seven areas are happiness, health, family, money, mind, social and spiritual. However, most people focus in one place.

Usually focus people on the elements of money and forget about other areas. As such, when they face problems in this neglected area, they fall down and think they have been "defeated" and begin to feel negative and offended in all other areas. For example, their happiness is affected, or family communication will be excited and so on. Participants Winked Me

Then I said in a solo voice: "I'm aware that you've been working hard in the areas you're a participant in. I'm also aware that you'll feel down when you do not see the return for the experiment as You put in. However, keep in mind this old saying, "Rome was not built in the day", build strong and strong construction, you first need to build a strong foundation.

Builders always put more time in the foundation. note that the building goes up quickly after the foundation has been laid. It must also be borne in mind that it takes time to build the foundation. Therefore, it is very important to be positive at this time! "

As I said This gave my participants an understanding. Then I continued to tell them how I do it. Apart from repeating my goals to myself whenever I can, I kept my balance by reminding me that the goal of money is just one area in my life.

There are seven other areas that I need to watch. For example, for me, spending time and helping my personal trainees to achieve their goals is my goal at the council. This is my way to promote society again.

Some of you are already taste success, albeit, to a lesser extent. The biggest are coming. It's just a matter of time. You just have to keep doing your best effort. To see you happy when you meet your goals, makes me happy to meet my goals in this area!

When I go home I see my wife. I'm grateful to have her in my life. We are constantly trying to further improve our excellent relationship. Keep your hands and keep calm in the garden, lively discussions on various topics, enjoy movies, holidays, etc., we continue to improve our relationship.

These are my goals with regard to happiness and family. Similarly, I have goals in the spiritual area. I constantly reflect on my existence, my place in nature, my duties on this planet, my relationship with nature, God, etc.

Similarly, I have goals in all seven areas of my life. Each area supports the other. I could find down in one area, but my performance in other areas helps me restore the positive vibration and give me the "feeling" that I can get it right in the area I miss.

It's okay to run down once in a while, but it's even more important to be aware that you're down! You can break it for a while. For me, the moment means ten minutes! However, you must raise money and focus on your goals and positive areas of life and make sure you do your best to achieve your goals. Just like I'm with you today, I'm safer now to regain my loss for the day and do more in the next few days!

When I finished, my participants looked much more energy and I found the familiar positive vibration from them. I continued on the unique tasks they had to do. Just then, my wife looked at me with a knowing smile, that I did a good job of getting back on the positive vibration. I smiled again.


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