Attracting a Positive Outcome – Visual Exercises and Confirmation

A major restructuring is under way as the "old" way falls away to lead to the new developmental forms that support our new hosting "upgrade".

These practical and highly effective visual and confirmation exercises help you restart how you perceive what's in your life for positive results and results.

By moving away from the industrial impact of information our age "protective" goals are coming down. We are, of course, developing our planet consciousness and all our old unconscious fears to survive, who have previously set us in campgrounds of us and that they are solutions for transformation.

We are shaken at the core of the "quantum" revealing fluid in us and forever change us. It is literally the beginning of consciousness, especially what did the century philosopher and metaphysician, Dr. Rudolph Steiner, have created the age of "social consciousness" when we recognize our unity with all and # 39; and a challenge to develop our consciousness as one person.

No matter what can happen in your world, it's spiritual (what you think it means) and emotional intensity to respond to what you think it means causing destruction of your ability to respond to balance and balance under what circumstances to make the necessary healthy choice for yourself. Your feelings are hardwired into your body and subconscious of the earthquake in your mind, and people have actually been literally scared to death from letting their imaginations (thoughts on things) run wild.

Visual Exercise ~ Simple Self-Controlled Training

1) Be there with your fears, or other intense responses and feelings, acknowledge and allow you to monitor it. Resistance serves only to increase your feelings. Remember, you are not your fear. Being with your experience will naturally cultivate physical, emotional and mental balance.

2) Have compassion on your suffering or others. Be nice and gentle. While suffering, suffering is a part of human condition and serves as a vehicle for raising your consciousness rapidly.

Concerns and Concerns to Discontinue:

Take a moment and let yourself imagine the highest and best output in your life and choose one of the following confirmations to recite for at least 5-15 minutes: [19659002] 1) Life Happens To Me
2) All things are working together for good in my life
3) I enjoy balanced and happy departures in my life

This visual movement and confirmation can be changed to attract a positive outcome for others who might want to help you overcome hard life experiences.

Remember to nourish your body, mind and spirit with positive and lifelong messages.

Everything is great!


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