Bend Restrictor Innovation For Subsea Applications

The cost of deep drilling can be striking. Companies rent drillships for hundreds of thousands of dollars a day on many years of agreements, which means time is truly money. Drilling contractors are looking for ways to speed up drilling riser operations and other equipment operations to maximize drilling time for their vessels. Simple innovations can lead to savings and money for their customers.

One simple efficiency is to use boleless knuckle knifes that shorten the installation time of the bending device on the umbilicals and other drill bits. The vertebral cortex, or sometimes call the bending angle, allows the bladder to be used with low forces until the assembly parts lock to a certain bending radius. In this locked bending stream, the chain part is locked with each other forming an anti-kink, anti-hockle turning around the umbilical so as to protect the integrity of the navel string.

Most offshore fluctuations are produced by high strength, environmentally resistant polyurethane. The vertebrae can be located in a free waiting line or connected to a fixed structure. Manufacturers, like ABCO Products, use the innovative boltlessless center to speed up the profile of the bend link on the navel string. Due to the fact that there is no ball in the center, you can set the deflection curve on the deck and you can put the umbilical in the borehole. Then the deck can simply put the match limit on top of the bullet and bolt the cursor together. By using bolus hubs in the vertebra, half of the setup time can be saved.

The additional cost of the boltholder is a reduction in total cost. Bolts are usually made from animal exotic materials to withstand difficult conditions in the environment. Reducing the number of balls reduces total costs and reduces the total weight of the museum.

Simple innovations, such as ball-free bending hubs, can create operational efficiency to reduce desktop costs.


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