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Creativity can be defined as identification and ideology while innovation is defined as ideology, development and marketing.

There are other useful definitions in this field, for example, creativity can be defined as a number of ideas, a variety of ideas and a number of new ideas.

There are different methods that increase knowledge of problems and ideology and, in the same way, different methods that enhance conceptualization, development and marketing. While it may not be for commercial purposes, this approach improves the likelihood that good ideas will be created and chosen and that investment in the development and marketing of these ideas will not be wasted. Reality tells us that there are many reasons why the structure of the organization has features (transport, organic growth, history, size, market share, future policy) easily modified or restructured. Often there are valid reasons not to make system changes at all.

Thus, leaders, not recommendations on overall structure, need knowledge of enhancing features that are easy to adapt to in the current structure. This fits research that suggests that people who create ideas on a regular basis find the structure to be inevitable as long as some conditions are met. Some of these include:

a) Direct access to decision makers – provides quick feedback and immediate decisions to go or kill.

b) Short communications – if communication becomes filtered, loss of momentum and corresponding loss of control.

c) Successful advances – if ideas are not taken up at all, motivation suffer.

Indeed, there are a number of other issues that are being considered for consideration.

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