Business innovation

What is the Model Model Model (BMI)?

BMI is about finding new ways to increase business value in light of rapidly changing circumstances – economic, social, environmental, technical and political, international, domestic and local. People have been designing new ways to trade through the ages. The spread of the breadth, scope and power of telecommunications and other technologies over the past decade, and in particular the advent of advertising, has opened a new business model, which was previously unthinkable. This is so independent of the nature of the core work.

BMI requires business and management owners not only a thorough understanding of key roles in a particular industry, but also advanced appreciation for the likely impact of global, domestic and local developments and events that occur. It is no longer enough to simply be aware of what competition is doing. This is outdated, the reaction that goes away completely because the global business environment changes in such a way, and in a pace that has never been observed. There are companies that understand this point correctly and can stand up to take advantage of the most cost-effective opportunities that open up this development and event and to prevent their consequences.

Why BMI Is Important

BMI is key, not just because of maintaining current profitability, but also because the value of the operating company significantly affects the level of future sustained earnings. Because of this, any trading owner with a future sale needs to maintain that maintaining the business model against rapidly changing circumstances is as important for the future value of sales as it is now profitable.

BMI – Current View

In a recent version of the Fast Thinking magazine, the Leader of Policy and Changed Advisors was observed at IBM Global Business Services, Matt English, as follows: 19659003] […] […] […] […] […] […] […] […]

The study had investigated three types of innovation that CEOs had identified as important in increasing the growth of the organization – innovation of goods and services, operational innovation and customer innovation. The study showed that organizations focusing on business innovation would increase profits in profit margins. English went on:

… By understanding income, innovation and industrial model innovation, an organization can make strategic changes to its business model to increase flexibility, reduce costs, and open up new markets.

The message is clear that the business model is key to innovation in how organizations shape their business and exploit their capabilities. The business model offers a strong opportunity for growth, but also provides some cooperation, governance and processes of people and technology.

Langdon Morris, a university teacher at the Ackoff Center for Systematic Processing at the University of Pennsylvania, had this review in his 2003 thesis Business Model Warfare :

]. .. When we look at industry by industry, we see what a model, a company that heads and shoulders above others, these companies are almost always the entrepreneurial entrepreneur who uses creativity in other matters than technology to become a market leader. ….

.. what is happening constantly in the marketplace is competition between the business models themselves. … What does this mean is that warriors in a business model warfare have usually applied innovation to create competitive edge, build stronger relationships with customers by developing a business model that closely matches the needs of customers and preferences.


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