Characteristics of good training

I had dozens and dozens of trainers in the sports career and everybody has touched my life in more ways than one. As a child up I looked up on my coaches and they almost seemed like other parents to me. The power of a coach can be similar to your parents. They can teach valuable lessons of life such as work, decision, cooperation and leadership. From previous experience, the coach can last forever for a player until he dies. The more dedicated the player, the more likely the player can trust the coach. From what I've noticed, all good coaches have certain paths that they contain. I will share with you three characteristics that I think all good coaches have.

The first and most important symptom is committed. A coach must show that he or she is willing to do almost anything for his players. As a player, nothing will allow you to work more than a coach who is passionate and loves toward his team. A committed trainer empowers players to be more committed to working hard and being better at or outside the area.

The following characteristics are solid. A coach must trust his players in and outside the area or court. If a coach can not trust his players, how should a player trust his coach. Trust can help players feel better at high pressure. I say this because if the most powerful person in the house trust you in the ball or bat in your hand then you should be able to count on dealing with this situation.

The last symptom is patience. The famous celebrity "patience is virtue" is true in most aspects of life, especially in training. Patience allows players to believe themselves, even after rough practice or strong games. It's no worse than playing for a coach who loses his mind after one turn, error or break. A coach who tells you to continue and keep his head up after a physical mistake are the coaches that players love to play for. Now, obviously, everyone does not agree with me that these are the three most important characteristics, but I think everyone can agree that all good coaches have these qualities. These three songs are becoming in every good coach.


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