Christian confirmation of faith

Faith is the conviction of truth and it simply means believing. The word confirmation means verifying something to be true. One of the remarkable stories in the Bible is when the apostles said to Jesus – increase our faith. Lord, we need more faith, tell us how to accomplish it.

If you're something like me (you're totally weird) but besides that I bet you've asked the same kind of questions sometimes in your life. How do I get more faith? Or … I need more faith?

That remarkable answer to this question with Jesus was that we do not really need much faith to see miracles. He said that if you have faith in the size of grain of mustard seed, you could move mountains and clean up trees. So I ask the question to you then … How powerful is faith?

If only a little bit of faith (the size of the grain of sinne seed) can remove mountains then what might The next time you are in a church meeting and your community is praying for someone or something, think that the whole museum went joined as one major powerful religion . If everyone only gets the mustache of faith, then your prayers come together to make miracles.

I am also fascinated that Jesus continued in Luke 17: 7 began to talk about setting up servants for us. He was still speaking in the context of faith. If we use his parallels then we can tell that faith is our servant that we can put to work to bring forth what we need.

  • Here are some personal biblical beliefs to believe:

    • I will live by believing
    • I will live by believing
    • I live by believing
    • Hey, I really live with believing
    • i
    • I'm True By Believing
    • I'm Made By Believing
    • By Believing I Have Access to God's Grace
    • I am a child of God with faith in Christ Jesus
    • Christ lives in my heart by believing
    • I believe in God
    • I am full of faith and power
    • I have faith in healing
    • My heart is purified by faith
    • ] I will continue to live in faith

    Brothers like Judah said in verse 20 – But you beloved, rose yourself in holy faith, pray in the Holy Spirit, keep yourself in love with God, look for the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life.


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