Confirm Actions: Stop lying to the soul and make it real!

I hear so many people who use confirmation as a comprehensive cure for all that makes them possible. They wake up in the morning and talk their confirmation. They go through their days and meet positive statements about their circumstances and lives. Then they go to sleep and say their confirmation as prayers in town.

I tried to confirm confirmation for a while, but never quite understand how I say: "I feel rich had some impact on my life as long as I sat in front of the TV with a bag of French pokes. The problem was that I did not do anything to give the confirmation foundation to work. Although confirmation could have made me feel good, it certainly did not create the conditions I needed to achieve my goals.

If confirmation & # 39; being a positive message in my brain, retraining it and the universe, let it know where you choose to be, organized actions and # 39; provide a basis for reality as confirmation would work. This is where I started to apply verification My life.

— Positive words —

For many years, confirmation has been considered the solution to many of the problems of life. Trust, success and well ld have claimed to have been obtained with daily confirmation. But many i have spoken say that confirmations do nothing for them. The problem lies in the fact that you must align your life so that your confirmation can call true.

The essence of the problem of repetitive repetition to us is this, unless our sensible mind thinks confirmation is true, it will not make sure of positive statements. Our conscious mind grabs the information we receive and filters unrealistic messages or messages that conflict with our beliefs, from the subconscious mind.

Have you repeatedly, as we have been taught, sometimes for months and even years at the end, simplify the phrase, "I choose to be rich" # 39; Even if it could make you feel comfortable, were you really wealthy or did you become wealthy anytime? For most people, the answer is "no".

The reason is that your consciousness was filtering this message as a lie. Your conscious mind takes this information, shares your kid and hits again, & # 39; Look around! Wake up! & # 39; The good words did not even make it subconscious as it matters. As long as your awareness returns your credentials like lies, there is no amount of excitement that confirms what change you are & # 39; into what you are not. & # 39;

— Mixing words with actions —

To solve this problem, you need to do two things: Create a plan and change the word of your confirmation. You need not only let the subconscious mind participate actively in your wishes, but you must also give your conscious mind a way to accept the misunderstandings and # 39; of confirmation. Instead of lying to yourself, do a plan and perform actions that support your confirmation. This is where confirmation actions come into play.

You must first make a solid plan that defines your vision, mission and goals. This plan takes into account where you are and how to achieve your vision. By making a plan and believing in the program, you strengthen your conscious and subconscious mind with a weapon to overcome the negative emotions and beliefs you have buried in your mind. This approach will open the telecommunications equipment for your confirmation to make it in your mind.

Another part of the solution is to change the word of the confirmation. You must convince your conscious brain to handle misunderstanding of confirmation as a truth. Since your consciousness will filter out lies, you must declare the confirmation that it will appear as an option. & # 39; For example, instead of saying & # 39; I choose to be wealthy & # 39; or & # 39; I'm rich, & # 39; rewrite it to say & # 39; I will be rich. & # 39; This is actually changing the "lie" to a command to tell your brain as the plan leads you.

As you can see, the confirmation feeling is more acceptable form of confirmation. Basically, you are editing a basic confirmation of one who is Possibly simply by linking it to an action. The verifications will be the facts, positive statements that remind you of my view and report to the universe that this is the policy you choose to go.

— Who is next? —

Positive words alone can not change your world — your world. But words related to actions can come in the future that at one time could only dream.

The purpose of confirmation is not to try to convince you're something you're not. It's not a fake future or changing things in the past. It's a way to Use your experience with intelligent plan and remember yourself why you work so hard along a certain path to achieve your vision. You are demanding the future of the future, telling the universe that this is what you want and to follow.

By combining actions with words, you start a plan to show your conscious mind that you are definitely in your way. When you start using your verifications, in conjunction with the actions, your desires now make it realistic to your consciousness in the subconscious mind as there will be more use. This is where the soul can get an idea of ​​what you do and will help you get there.


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