Confirmation and Restrictive Religion

The traditional purpose of confirmation is to create new, constructive views that will ignore the old, limiting belief that you might have formed in your time. For example, if you want to be more comfortable, you should say a phrase like: "I'm strong, safe and effective in everything I do", hoping it would "sink" into subconscious mind and encourage you to think and act in such a way.

While confirmation can certainly be helpful in encouraging positive change, they also have their limitations.

This is especially true of an intrinsic attitude that is in opposition to confirmation. If you have profound faith that you will never do anything (this message a parent or other model gave you at the beginning of life), your subconscious mind will not accept confirmation that you are confident and successful.


Because it's contrary to what you know to be true, deep inside.

You see, your faith is your "truth". Not only do you adamantly believe they are true, you experience everything in your life with them.

When faith has been put into the subconscious mind, you spend every moment of your time creating circumstances that will confirm and strengthen it. If you use the example above, you think you will never be wrong, making sure you are treated in a way that supports those beliefs. You set big goals that you can not possibly achieve, or you will avoid setting any goals for everyone because you are afraid to fail. You have to entertain yourself what you do to improve your life. You must avoid people and circumstances that can help you break out of your self-reliant pattern because you will be uncomfortable to do that.

All because your subconscious mind is continually powerful: "You're a failure. You'll never be successful. You can not work, so do not try. Why do not you stop now and save you more trouble?", Etc.

Positive affirmations are very effective with this type of indigenous faith, simply because when you write the words, your subconscious mind rejects them!

In order to clear a restrictive attitude, you need to deal with them directly – not sugarcaps with positive confirmation.

Imagine that you wear a shirt with big spots on the front and you wanted to get rid of the spot. What would you do?

Do you want to put a beautiful sweater over the shirt to hide the spot? The place would be hidden but it would not be gone, would it?

To remove this spot, you need to wash it out. No amount covers it will remove it.

And it's the same with your restrictive, negative, self-reliant faith. Reciting confirmation of restrictive faith just will not work in most cases. Instead, you need to identify and remove the views that hold you back.

You can only start filling your subconscious mind by giving you more strength, positive attitude, once you have removed your old, limiting belief.


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