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Every quarter I write articles on how confirmations have worked dynamically in my life or in the lives of others. I truly believe that there is healing power in positive words and thoughts, I use the confirmation myself and this passion for spreading the acknowledgment news reports to turn me off to create a valid confirmation card and develop the website. I do not have to be convinced that the confirmation work. I know they do.

Like the season change

But each year the days get shorter and the weather turns cooler, I feel little positive thinking – even when you use confirmation – and rather the tendency to choose solitude and darkness. It sounds crazy, but I just want to hibernate !! It's hard for someone like me, who understands the power of positive thinking, to understand why positive thinking is not as impressive during the winter months. Instead, the idea is to crawl into the cave, sleeping and not coming out until the spring will be very attractive to me! Literally there are days when it takes me all day to wake up. In some ways, my behavior seems quite depressed compared to the usual finish, suggestion and friendly personality. Of course, when the spring comes with warmer weather and more sunshine, I'm of course a new butterfly.

I had seen this behavior since I was a young child, and I was surprised when I moved to Salt Lake City to attend university, that I no longer felt the same lethargy during the winter months. If you have not been in this rocky mountain city this winter, I'll just say it's BRIGHT. Being 3,500 feet above sea level, Salt Lake City is not only closer to the sun than the sun is much during the winter season … or at least much more than I used to be while in experience. Even when the sun does not shine, the snow reflects the lighting of the sky and it is significantly brighter than the eastern town near Lake Ontario where I was resurrected. In winter, Utah sky is often bright blue with big puffy white clouds – a fabulous contrast to the dark gray fool of the western NY state that I used to be !!

Seasonal Affective Disorder [SAD]

While living in Salt Lake City, I learned first and realized that I could have a seasonal disorder. SAD is characterized by depression that occurs only during the winter months or when sunlight is low and it is so common that the symptoms are usually accepted as usual. It is estimated that 25 million people each year in the United States alone suffer from SAD. Although this disturbance is more common in women (four times!) But men, it is usually in the wake of carbohydrates, excessively dormant, weight gain, fatigue, less driving and sometimes reduced immunity.

Scientists now believe that high levels of melatonin, resulting from less sunlight during the winter months, are the cause of SAD. Bright light therapy has proven to be effective in reducing symptoms in more than 80% of those who affect "winter blisters". Exposure to bright light can significantly reduce the amount of melatonin in the circulation. You can learn more about SAD and the use of light as a medical device in revolutionary revolution called "Light-Medicine of the Future": How We Can Use It To Cure Us Now, by Jacob Liberman, OD, Ph.D. This is a fascinating book about the importance of light on brain function and must be read for those who want to understand how the brain works!

Keep On Lighting

For many years, I have suspected that I was bad and knew that there were lights that could relieve the symptoms. A few years ago, I changed all the light bulbs in my house to full blur and observed that the light from these light bulbs is far less yellow. Still, I just could not imagine how lighting equipment specifically designed for suffering from SAD could affect mood.

At the end of 2004, I decided that I had a long time with this issue and it was time to find a solution. I found a special 10,000 lux desk light that I use every morning when I get up first, but it's often still dark, to illuminate me while I'm a diary and start my day. I forget it's even there, but I'm astonished at the results. In just a few days, I had not only more energy and did not have an ordinary afternoon wash, but I also had fewer wishes and was more efficient with my time. I have had a lot of buying this lamp and notice that it helps me in the mindset. However, I have learned not to use it late in the evening or I have a tougher time to fall asleep. What known light could make this a lot of difference?

When Verifications Are Completely Inadequate

Verifications are a great tool for a healthy mind, but they will not help you if you have pain, clinical or manic depression or other conditions that deliver spiritual energy. So, if you know about a description of SAD, or suspect that you have a condition that inhibits your life, seek medical treatment that you respect. You will be glad you did! Increased energy and improved attitudes will make the work with confirmation even more powerful experience.

Regular exercise is also an important device in elevation floors and can easily be processed in conjunction with light treatment. You can also combine daily walking trails with confirmations. Before I go for a walk, I will read my confirmation just before I leave the house, repeat myself when I leave and go home to read the confirmation once. Repeated movement of the body will trigger the endorphins, feel-good hormones, in your brain that further elevates your mood. I have often noticed that I feel better after exercising but when you suffer from SAD or another form of depression, it's hard to even encourage you to move. The bottom line is: You can not get the benefits of exercise without actually doing it, so get help if you need it.

* Source: Light-cure of the Future: How Can We Use It to Cure Us Now Now, by Jacob Liberman, OD, Ph.D., 1991, Bear & Co., Inc. ISBN: 0-939680-80 -7


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