Confirmations – A Little Miracle of Divine Inspiration

Divine inspiration. World of spirit The place where your confirmation lives! It's not exactly magic. More like a magical inspiration. You can be there in just 3 steps. Let's see!

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You know what you want to create in life, but you're not sure how to do it. Or you have a big choice to do, and you can not quite see through the confusion of the option that would serve you best. You need inspiration. Preferably from a wise and reliable source.

Step 1: Request. So you put the request "out there." Such as spiritual SOS. Some might call it a prayer. Other confirmation. Sometimes it's a little more surprising in thought, simply in the texture of your daily life.

One way or the other is your request: "I am aware of the next step towards creating financial security for my family."

That's really all you need to hear, of course. Next step. The ultimate goal for your energy and attention today … at the moment. While having general directions for the big picture is useful, you really do not have to have all the roadmap in hand before you go out. All you really need to know is in what direction to go next.

Step 2: Active Listening. With activity around you, it might be easy to leave an inspired moment. Of course, this policy will not pay the bill of lading!

The secret to this next step is to increase your awareness and insight. But even that will not be enough without sending you from certain expectations – the expectation that when your request is submitted, you will always receive an inspired response.

Try it for size. What if that's true? What if there's actually some kind of cosmic value at work that ensures an inspired response with sincerely and your willing request? Likes when you invite friends. You prepare to spend time with them – maybe even fix a snack. Then you listen to the doorbell. You expect them to come up.

Thus, you have made the request and now you are listening to the answer actively. Not just a response, but an inspiration. Answers that you notice will put you in the perfect place to solve your problem – or to pursue your dream! You are giving your attention to your attention.

Step 3: Consider and Act! When it comes, the answer can be something you've already thought of, but suited as inefficient. It may be something you "know" but has not implemented. There might be a simple confirmation – for example, someone who contacts you to ask for a product or service that you've just thought about developing. Or it might be far out of your usual ballpark.

In any case, since you have asked the question, it is probably a good idea to carefully consider all the answers that come shortly after. Even if they seem strange or ineffective. The fresh ideas or nudges you get shortly after your request (anywhere from minutes to days, in my experience) will often contain seeds of a great new policy.

There could of course be some development. Make your due diligence in the real world. Then act. All inspiration in the world is of little value until you have taken it into your life. But who's going to reconsider when, somewhere down the road, you announce that well, your project would be divinely inspired?


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