Confirmations Change ideas to succeed

Have you ever dared to ask yourself? "What can I think of getting my life out of the ordinary?" For me it was back to "84 or" 85, I think. The new cars had just come out and one of the new safety features was a change in the rear lights. Now, instead of only two backlights, there was an additional one in the rear window. This is how drivers can say that the car in front of them stops even if they do not see the lower lights for any reason.

I had these features on your car as an indicator of wealth. You see, I was broke, broke, broke. As I saw it was, if you could afford a new car – a kind of new headlight in the rear window – you would have done it. I'm going to work years in the future … because of course I was buying my next old Junker. If it had one of these lights, I've achieved the best results I could hope for. I could not even imagine anything more than that.

My photos in the future were struggling and struggling. I would hear imaginary conversations all gone wrong. Nothing has been done in the mind. So I never thought of taking any kind of action that would move me to better life. I never tried anything hard.

It was not until I began to use confirmation that things were changing. After I made my first sound, my life began to activate something that is completely different. Now I know that many people are having difficulty confirming. "I can not confirm," is a common belief. It's wrong because you naturally confirm the whole day with all the thoughts you have. The problem is that you just do not make it right.

I could not imagine getting well into the sales process. So, of course, was my first attempt with sales and job evaluation. Soon after, my sales talent (and earnings) became positive after bombs. I can not stress enough to succeed, whether it's career, health, relationships, finance or education, you'll see what you want. You must absolutely be able to imagine your goal … You must confirm that you already know that you can get it. Look forward to it. Find it.

Imagine holding hands with someone. Imagine looking at your bank account and seeing all the zeros … by another number, of course. See yourself to get A and get a study program. Notice how it feels.

See the mistakes that must happen like falling as rain. Mistakes will still happen. And you must see them as temporary … that you can party. Most people see and imagine success, but when things are not going right, they stop … and say that it does not work for them. Wrong! It works.

But if there are 7 steps to succeed in something and you take the first six, suffer from shock and surrender, you will not get results. It's not terrible if you just have to wake up, put some cold water on your face and recognize what temporary shock you had was teaching you at some level. Then start visualizing yours again.

And if you teach others for your mistake, you're convicted. Done. Finish … until you wake up. I believe it's never too late to wake up. But the longer you sleep aside from the fact that no matter how many levels of life you might be in control, the part of your life that just does not work is a mirror of decisions you make, the longer you will fail in that one area.

Sure, there may be other factors that are out of your hands. But you can not teach them. Or you will continue to fail. Accept responsibility. Keep your vision alive. And sooner or later you will get it.


– I've imagined how my success will be for me

– I like to think about a bright future for me

– My photos are successful now

– I hold images of success in my mind for a long time

– I like to make my photos come true.

"Far in the sunshine, I am the highest inspiration. I can not catch them, but I can look up and see the beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead." -Louisa May Alcott


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