Confirmations – Secular confirmation for a great, prosperous life – Part Fourth

Do you want to bring true happiness, abundance and prosperity in your life? There are many confirmations that you can use to prevent it, but the key to changing them from my wishes and statements in reality is very simple but powerful.

You will learn about it in this article. Let's get started.

I'm grateful every day

What's grateful? What can you celebrate each day? The simplest thing like being a live, perspective, having the ability to read, having access to the Internet for unlimited information is something we can be grateful for.

Thankful people …

  1. have more ease.
  2. are happier, less depressed, less stressed and happy with their lives and social relationships
  3. have positive ways to cope with the difficulties they experience in life
  4. are more likely to seek support from another people, reconcile and grow from experience
  5. spend more time planning how to handle the problem than living with it
  6. also have less negative methods of dealing with, being less likely to try to prevent the problem, deny that it is a problem, teach or accept
  7. sleep better
  8. agree better with life trade

You can be grateful for something and truly welcome the pleasures of life.

I know when I ask what I want

No matter what it's like I want

No matter how impossible it could see

If I believe and know it's mine

The answer will be … "Your wish is my message"

The key to this confirmation … if "if I believe and know it's mine." It must be 100% faith – you must know what you want, you're sure what you want, no matter how big and impossible it is, if you know and believe it's possible then put your effort, energy, focus attention and attention to achieve.

Nothing happens without action – you have to take action and work with it. All confirmations are only a small step to make you believe you are truly on the way to the goal. The songs of attraction work not only with words, the feelings that accompany the words are also critically important.

Impressed by all of these confirmations is the key to applying the right attraction in your life.


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