Confirmations – The secret to happy life

Feed your brain!

Unfortunately, our brain is filled with clutter and negativity which is why we keep thinking as we do. Your subconscious mind greatly influences your thinking. You must replace these negative thoughts with positive affirmations. By breaking into your brain are these positive affirmations that you call the subconscious concept in a positive action.


For your confirmation to work truly, you must tell them daily and steadily. There is not a certain amount of time that you should tell about your confirmation because we are all different. I usually recite three or four times a day for five minutes at a time. I recite when I wake up in the morning, when I get to work, at noon and before I go to bed at night. You can recited them anytime you want, but I would get used to practicing them for at least three different occasions.

When to verify your confirmation

It's best to confirm your confirmation when you wake up in the morning. Your brain is very responsive when you wake up and it's a good way to start your day by letting your brain be in a positive mindset. It is also recommended to confirm your confirmations before going to bed, so that they are fresh in your head before starting off for the night.

Believe What You Say

Simply confirming your confirmation statement is not good enough. If you do not believe what you say 100% then your statements will not be ineffective. If you go about this half, then this will not work. When I first started telling me my confirmation a few years ago, I was not fully committed. I would tell them but do not believe in all of them. I stopped reviewing my statements because I do not feel like they were working for me. After a break, I decided to try it again, but this did I point out that I believed in my confirmation before I told them.

Example of positive confirmation

I'm happy and full of perfect unexpected reasons.
When I believe in myself, others
make me happy to make a good choice for me
I'm a great listener and a communicator
My work is fun and I appreciate
I'm free to be me and I'll be the best I can be
Wealth is pouring into my life
I'm a wonderful person and I deserve the best
] I have full control over my life and destiny

Remember, "Rome was not built today!" This term takes time, but you will see a difference if you truly believe what you are saying and repeat it!


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